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CBC Fremantle - How LearnPath benefits our students

Trevanna Cooper, Teacher Librarian

This video discusses the benefits of LearnPath from a user perspective.

According to Trevanna, teachers have responded well to LearnPath, and the benefits to students have been realised through their assessment tasks. She found that students:

  • Complete work faster
  • Find tasks easier than expected
  • Like the visual layout
  • Find complex topics easier to grasp

Join Trevanna as she shares:

  • About CBC Fremantle (0:12)
  • How LearnPath helps their students (0:48)
  • How she introduced LearnPath to teachers (1:18)
  • The students’ response to LearnPath (1:39)
  • The positive outcomes of introducing LearnPath (2:14)


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About CBC Fremantle

CBC is 137 years old and it’s a boy’s college. And I absolutely love working here.

We’ve got about 400 students a day through our library, we’re a very busy library, and that’s not counting during lesson times.

There’s three of us working here in the library. There’s myself the TL, and I also run the reading program. There’s a library aide, and a multimedia technician.

But LearnPath is the responsibility of myself, the teacher librarian.

How LearnPath helps their students

So sometimes kids do need to look at various information in different sources that address the same topic, because sometimes they can find it easier.

So, this is where I see the benefit of LearnPath, in that it can present things in an easier way that perhaps kids can find it easier to get their head around.

How she introduced LearnPath to teachers

Well, I think I only had to show them really. Show teachers and students of years 7, 8 and 9, what resources I’ve found, and how having them all in one place made their life easier.

I just stopped teachers whenever they came into the library and showed them, and word suddenly started to get around.

The students’ response to LearnPath

The boys who’ve used it have loved it, especially the boys who were doing the big RE assessment. They said they finished it a lot quicker and more easily than they thought they could.

They like the visual images, and the packaging, and it helps them identify how the topic is broken down. I think that’s one of the big benefits.

You can see straight away with the headings, how this topic that they can’t get their head around, they suddenly see it spread out and broken down. That’s a really big benefit.

The positive outcomes of introducing LearnPath

I think it really reduces the anxiety level of the students who are using it. I think quite a lot of stress results from lack of time to do an assignment well. And I mean, life in a school just gets busier and busier.

I think the other thing it does is it takes the stress off parents who want to help but probably don’t know a lot about the topic.

The other thing I think which is very good, well two things really, it helps the students feel a degree of mastery over their work. It becomes something that they look at and say yes, I can do this. And it also reinforces what they’ve learned in class.

We talked about repackaging the information in an easier format. I think it’s a wonderful way to reinforce something that may have been said in class that perhaps they didn’t quite get their head around the first time.