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Integration and customisation with Oliver v5

Kay Oddone, Past Librarian, Brisbane Catholic Education

In this video Kay Oddone talks about how the integration between Oliver v5 and OverDrive has improved student access to eBooks and audiobooks.

She also talks about how they have customised Oliver v5 for their context, which has supported curriculum planning

Join Kay as she discusses:

  • Integrating Oliver v5 and OverDrive eBooks and audiobooks (0:17)
  • Orbit junior and middle school interface (1:00)
  • Oliver v5 customisation (1.18)

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Read the transcript

My name is Kay Oddone and I am the librarian here at ResourceLink, at Brisbane Catholic Education.

Being able to integrate Oliver v5 with the OverDrive eBook and audiobook platform is really great, because it means that we can provide a really effective search solution to accessing the eBooks and audiobooks.

Generally we take the records from OverDrive and we re-catalogue them and deliver them into the school library systems, so that when a student or teacher goes searching for something, oftentimes it’s more about the content that they’re after, and not necessarily the format.

So, when they search, even if the book doesn’t exist on the shelf, they may be able to access it in an eBook or audiobook format and vice versa.

And then being able to directly download it from within Oliver just makes it so smooth, it’s really fantastic and easy.

We’re just rolling out Orbit to all of our primary schools, which is the new junior interface for Oliver.

They can access all of their collection as well as the eBooks and audiobooks that we access through OverDrive, they can all be delivered directly through the catalogue. And all students now can access those directly through the catalogue, which is fantastic.

We really like the customisation that’s available in Oliver v5, to the point where we’ve been able to create unique authority fields, so that we can now make the catalogue even more suited to our own context.

So, at Brisbane Catholic education we’ve just rolled out a new religious education curriculum. Each of these areas in the RE curriculum have got code similar to ACARA curriculum.

We’ve been able to create authority fields, which have those codes in them so that our teachers can put the code into the catalogue, get returned to them a search of all of the different resources that are directly related to that religious education code, which is really great for their curriculum planning.

And having that ability to customise to our context has been really powerful.