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Special Days to Celebrate in your School Library: Term 3 in Australia and New Zealand


Special Days to Celebrate Term 3

Throughout the year, we have a multitude of special days that call for celebration, highlighting the various aspects of our lives, cultures, and communities. In this blog post, we'll explore these special occasions and provide engaging book recommendations to enrich your library experience. 

From World Youth Skills Day to Indigenous Literacy Day, we'll cover a range of events that inspire learning and active participation for your school in Term 3. We'll also delve into environmental awareness on Schools Tree Day and Keep Australia Beautiful Week. And let's not forget the joy of Book Week and the wonder of Roald Dahl Day.

With each special day, we've carefully selected book recommendations that will transport you to captivating worlds, ignite your curiosity, and facilitate meaningful discussions. Whether you're seeking stories of resilience, cultural appreciation, or scientific wonders, our recommendations have got you covered.
So, let's dive into the magic of these special days and unlock the full potential of your school library.

July 2023

The Seven Stars Book

Matariki [Māori New Year] (July 14):

Matariki is the Māori New Year, marked by the rising of the Pleiades star cluster. To celebrate this significant event, we recommend "The Seven Stars of Matariki" by Toni Rolleston-Cummins. This beautifully illustrated book introduces readers to the story of Matariki and its cultural significance in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Join in the festivities and embrace the spirit of renewal and reflection.


World Youth Skills Day (July 15):

World Youth Skills Day aims to raise awareness about the importance of empowering young people with skills for employment, entrepreneurship, and lifelong learning. To support this day, we recommend the book "Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance" by Angela Duckworth. This insightful book emphasises the value of developing skills and cultivating a resilient mindset to achieve success.

The Taqwacores by Michael Muhammad Knight

Muharram Begins (July 19) [Islam]:

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar and holds great significance for Muslims worldwide. To honour this occasion, we recommend "The Taqwacores" by Michael Muhammad Knight. This novel explores the experiences of young Muslims searching for identity and connection within their faith.

Educated by Tara Westover

Catholic Education Week Queensland (July 23-29):

Catholic Education Week highlights the importance of Catholic education and its impact on students, families, and communities. For this celebration, we suggest the book "Educated" by Tara Westover. This memoir chronicles the transformative power of education and the journey of self-discovery.

The Tree Lady The True Story of How One Tree-Loving Woman Changed a City Forever

Schools Tree Day (July 29) & National Tree Day (July 30):

These days encourage environmental awareness and the importance of tree planting for a sustainable future. To support these initiatives, we recommend "The Tree Lady: The True Story of How One Tree-Loving Woman Changed a City Forever" by H. Joseph Hopkins. This inspiring picture book tells the story of Kate Sessions, who helped transform San Diego into a lush, green city.

August 2023

The Power of Moments Book

Education Week: NSW (July 31-August 4):

Education Week celebrates the transformative power of education and the achievements of students and educators. To mark this occasion, we recommend "The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact" by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. This book explores how educators can create meaningful and memorable learning experiences for students.

The Library Book by Susan Orlean

Library & Information Week (July 31-August 6):

Library & Information Week is a time to appreciate the contributions of libraries and librarians in fostering literacy, lifelong learning, and information access. To honour this week, we recommend "The Library Book" by Susan Orlean. This captivating non-fiction work delves into the history and cultural significance of libraries, celebrating their role in society.

The Gene Book

Jeans4Genes Day (August 4):

Jeans4Genes Day raises funds for genetic research and supports children living with genetic diseases. To support this cause, we recommend "The Gene: An Intimate History" by Siddhartha Mukherjee. This book explores the captivating history and the future implications of genetics in our lives.

The Wonder Book

International Friendship Day (August 7):

International Friendship Day celebrates the value of friendship and promotes kindness, understanding, and solidarity. To embrace this spirit, we recommend "Wonder" by R.J. Palacio. This heart-warming novel teaches empathy, acceptance, and the power of true friendship.

The Art of Frugal Hedonism A Guide to Spending Less While Enjoying Everything More by Annie Raser-Rowland, Adam Grubb

Keep Australia Beautiful Week (August 7-13):

Keep Australia Beautiful Week aims to inspire communities to take action in preserving and maintaining a clean and sustainable environment. For this occasion, we recommend "The Art of Frugal Hedonism: A Guide to Spending Less While Enjoying Everything More" by Annie Raser-Rowland and Adam Grubb. This book provides practical tips and insights on living a sustainable and fulfilling life while reducing waste and consumption.

World Indigenous People’s Day (August 9):

World Indigenous People's Day is a time to honour and celebrate the rich cultures, histories, and invaluable contributions of Indigenous peoples from around the globe. In recognition of this special day, we invite you to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation by exploring their online shop and purchasing a book pack. 

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation offers an extraordinary collection of books that showcase Indigenous storytelling by young authors from the Northern Territory and Tiwi Islands. These captivating books not only provide a window into the vibrant worlds and perspectives of Indigenous communities but also contribute to supporting literacy programs in remote communities.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

National Science Week (August 12-20):

National Science Week promotes scientific exploration, discovery, and engagement. To foster curiosity, we recommend "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" by Rebecca Skloot. This thought-provoking non-fiction work explores the impact of the HeLa cell line on medical research while raising ethical questions about consent and scientific progress.

Nevermoor Book

Children’s Book Council Book Week (August 19-25):

Children’s Book Council Book Week celebrates Australian children's literature and encourages a love of reading. This year, the theme of Children’s Book Week is Read, Grow, Inspire. For this occasion, we recommend "Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow" by Jessica Townsend. This enchanting fantasy novel follows the adventures of Morrigan Crow as she discovers her own magical abilities in a whimsical world. Join the conversation and share the joy: #CBCA2023 #ReadGrowInspire

Daffodil Day (August 25):

Daffodil Day raises awareness and funds for cancer research and support services. To support this cause, we recommend "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. This poignant young adult novel explores themes of love, hope, and resilience in the face of cancer.

A Long Walk to Water Book

40 Hour Famine (August 25-27):

The 40 Hour Famine is a fundraising event that raises awareness about global hunger and supports initiatives to combat it. To inspire empathy and understanding, we recommend "A Long Walk to Water" by Linda Sue Park. This powerful book tells the story of two Sudanese children, separated by time but connected by the struggle for survival and access to clean water.


September 2023

The Koala Hospital Book

Save the Koala Month (September 1-30):

Save the Koala Month aims to raise awareness about the conservation of koalas and their habitats. To learn more about these iconic Australian animals, we recommend "Koala Hospital" by Suzi Eszterhas. This engaging children's book takes readers on a journey to a real-life koala hospital, highlighting the efforts made to protect and rehabilitate these unique creatures.

Flags of the World Book

Australian National Flag Day (September 3):

Australian National Flag Day commemorates the day the Australian flag was first flown in 1901. To honour this occasion, we recommend "Flags of the World" by Sylvie Bednar. This informative book explores flags from different countries, including the Australian flag, and provides fascinating insights into their meanings and symbolism.

My dad is amazing book

Father's Day (September 3):

Father's Day celebrates the love and importance of fathers and father figures in our lives. To celebrate this day, we recommend "My Dad Is Amazing" by Sabrina Moyle. This delightful children's book highlights the special qualities and unique bond between fathers and their children. Don’t forget to check out our blog on how to celebrate Father’s Day in your school library

Some Secrets Should never be kept book

National Child Protection Week (September 3-9):

National Child Protection Week raises awareness about the importance of protecting children and promoting their well-being. For this week, we recommend "Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept" by Jayneen Sanders. This sensitive picture book addresses the topic of body safety and empowers children with knowledge on how to stay safe and seek help if needed.

Welcome to Country Book

Indigenous Literacy Day (September 7):

Indigenous Literacy Day focuses on improving literacy levels and book access for Indigenous children in remote communities. To support this day, we recommend "Welcome to Country" by Aunty Joy Murphy and Lisa Kennedy. This beautifully illustrated book introduces readers to the concept of the Welcome to Country ceremony and the significance of the land in Indigenous culture.

Bilby Moon Book

National Bilby Day (September 10):

National Bilby Day raises awareness about the conservation of bilbies, an endangered marsupial native to Australia. To learn more about these fascinating creatures, we recommend "Bilby Moon" by Margaret Spurling. This engaging children's book follows the adventures of a young bilby as she explores the Australian outback under the light of the full moon.

Speak Up Book

White Balloon Day (September 11):

White Balloon Day is an initiative aimed at raising awareness about child protection and preventing child abuse. To support this cause, we recommend "Speak Up!" by Miranda Paul. This empowering picture book encourages children to find their voices, speak up about their feelings, and seek help if they ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl Day (September 13):

Roald Dahl Day celebrates the beloved children's author Roald Dahl and his imaginative stories. To commemorate this day, we recommend "Matilda" by Roald Dahl. This timeless classic tells the story of a brilliant and resilient young girl who discovers the power of books, knowledge, and standing up for what is right. Also, check out our “What are you doing for Roald Dahl Day” blog that is packed with great ideas on how to celebrate. 

The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse Book

R U OK? Day (September 14):

R U OK? Day is a national day of action dedicated to promoting mental health and encouraging conversations around mental well-being. To support this day, we recommend "The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse" by Charlie Mackesy. This heartwarming illustrated book explores themes of empathy, friendship, and the importance of checking in on one another.

Pirates Love Underpants Book

Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19):

Talk Like a Pirate Day is a fun and light-hearted celebration of all things pirate. To join in the spirit, we recommend "Pirates Love Underpants" by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. This hilarious picture book combines pirates and underwear in a whimsical adventure that is sure to tickle the imaginations of young readers.

The Peace Book by Todd Parr

International Day of Peace (September 21):

The International Day of Peace promotes global peace, harmony, and understanding. To honour this day, we recommend "The Peace Book" by Todd Parr. This colourful and engaging picture book celebrates the beauty of diversity, kindness, and the power of coming together to create a peaceful world.


Special days in the school library provide opportunities for students and educators to celebrate, learn, and connect with various aspects of our world. By recommending relevant books that align with each occasion, we can foster a love of reading, expand knowledge, and promote empathy and understanding. Let's embrace these special days and embark on a journey of exploration and celebration within the school library!

Share Your Library's Celebrations

We hope this blog has provided you with valuable insights to plan exciting events and activities for your library throughout the term. As you gear up to commemorate these special days, we're eager to hear from you and witness how your library breathes life into them. Whether you're crafting eye-catching displays, hosting lively book club discussions, or organising thrilling reading marathons, we want to be a part of it all!

Share your captivating photos and stories with us by emailing communications@softlinkint.com or by sharing them on your social media accounts, tagging us at @SoftlinkEdu. We love to hear about your commitment to fostering literacy and lifelong learning within your school community. Thank you for the incredible work you do!

And remember, if you've relished this blog post, don't miss out on our Special Days to Celebrate in Your School Library - Term 2 blog. It's packed with even more inspiration to fuel your library's festive spirit!