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How can Oliver v5 assist educators

Kay Oddone, Past Librarian, Brisbane Catholic Education

In this video Kay Oddone talks about the features in Oliver v5 that have helped to support teaching and learning, and engage students.

Join Kay as she discusses:

  • Oliver v5 features (0:17)
  • Oliver v5 - improving access to quality resources (0:55)
  • Reading lists (1.39)
  • Book reviews (1:55)

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Read the transcript

My name is Kay Oddone and I am the Librarian here at ResourceLink, at Brisbane Catholic Education.

Oliver is a really flexible tool and it is a great library management system because we’re able to catalogue so many different items and include so much rich information in our catalogue records.

So we find that having Oliver enables us to really deliver educational outcomes for our students because, not only do we provide access to the resources on the shelf, we can also allow them to search and access online resources, digital resources like eBooks and audiobooks, curated lists, reading lists.

There’s just so many different things that they can access using the Oliver system, it’s great for their education.

The way that Oliver provides access to not just physical resources, but online and digital resources and a whole range of different alternate providers like Scoop.it and Trove, and basically any library you choose to link to means that educators can go directly to one place, do their search, and the results that they have, they know are quality resources immediately.

And they don’t have to then look at the resource and evaluate it, which is what they have to do with Google.

They know that what their results are the results that they can trust. That other educators have selected them and evaluated them for them.

So it is really great, I think for the teachers and educators to have this access to these tools.

Something else that you could really take advantage of using Oliver version 5 is the reading lists. Because you can take those and bring together a lot of related resources and make it really simple for users to search simply to find a whole range of different types of resources.

Having book reviews functionalities is fantastic because it means that it’s providing a social space for the students and the teachers to be able to share their thoughts on the resources and how they’ve used them or why they’ve enjoyed them.

And it really means that the students have a sense of ownership of the catalogue and that they’re reading their peers recommendations and feel free that they can add their own. So having that that option and that capability is fantastic.