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School library insights from Hoi An International School, Vietnam

Debbie Hunter, Teacher Librarian

Debbie has been involved in setting up a brand-new, future-focused, bilingual library to support Hoi An International School’s unique vision and improve literacy and engagement of students of all abilities.

In this video, she discusses the reasons for choosing Oliver v5 and the benefits for international schools.

Join Debbie as she answers the following questions:

  • What are the key considerations when setting up a new international school library? (0:24)
  • How have you overcome the challenges you’ve faced? (0:50)

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Read the transcript

Hello, my name is Debbie Hunter, and I’m an Australian teacher librarian.

At the moment, I’ve currently relocated to Hoi An International School in Vietnam, and I’ve been invited to assist with the setting up of a bilingual and international library in that school.

What are the key considerations when setting up a new international school library?

The needs of libraries. They are all very individual and very different and need a lot of thinking, diverse planning, and conversation to build the library that you hope your school is wanting you to build.

How have you overcome the challenges you’ve faced?

The first challenge, I think, was to choose a library platform that would allow us to do what we envisioned for the school and we decided that Oliver would be that platform.

I had worked with Oliver a little bit in Australia and I knew, and was confident, that it would be simple and visual for our Vietnamese users who don’t have a strong English background, and would give us at the back-end the information and support that we needed as well.

Additionally, the support that Softlink were offering as part of implementing the program.

We needed to have a program that we could do easy searching in for the lesser-abled English users.

And we needed to be able to keep track of our records and give sound location and information about the resources at the same time.