Easy to use information curating tool to inspire learning

LearnPath provides a digital platform to create, publish and share rich learning guides and other content. With easy to navigate 24/7 access, schools can use LearnPath to present focused information and resources for improved educational outcomes.

Content design and structure

  • Create and publish an unlimited number of guides and navigation hierarchies
  • Easily embed digital and interactive resources, reading lists, slideshows and other linked content
  • Produce structured content related to curriculum, assignment tasks, faculty, special events or any other topic
  • Flexible design options with no HTML required

Usability and sharing

  • Easy to use administration interface with drag and drop functionality
  • No HTML or programming knowledge required
  • Develop intuitive, customised navigation to support your school needs
  • 24/7 access to content for the whole school community
  • RSS feed

Integration and technology

  • Seamless integration with Oliver 5 school library system, providing direct access to library resources including availability
  • Fully web-based, with no installation required on client machines
  • Share embeddable code to/from other eLearning tools
  • Responsive Web Design

Administration and security

  • Set up unlimited accounts.
  • Restrict access with user authentication
  • Allocate account permissions and levels