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Leading the way in library software for 40 years

School libraries have changed a lot over the years.

Far from just a quiet room full of old books, school libraries are now a central hub for learning, research, and connecting students to the global community.

Softlink’s Oliver has remained the market leader in school library software by continuously adapting to change and creating a dynamic, interactive library environment that balances the needs of librarians, teachers, IT staff, and students.

We know every school, and every student is different

Whether it’s ‘out of the box’ or fully customised, with Oliver you can build the library solution that works for your school and your students.

  • Hale School

    We are so glad we made the change, Oliver v5 really suits our needs and has made a positive impact on library services.

    Anette Ainsworth, Head of Library
  • Rototuna High Schools

    “[The webinars are] in good time slots for New Zealand and I like the fact it’s only an hour. The support is just absolutely amazing!”

    Jackie Rassell, Teacher Librarian
  • Fortis Academy

    “That ‘light-bulb’ moment is when you see the look on a child’s face - when they realise they can perform the given task, they do understand that complex concept, the awe of learning moment, the moment of self-belief – we never tire of seeing this.”

    Jonathan Weighall, Library Manager
  • Hoi An International School

    We needed to have a program that would allow easy searching for users with limited knowledge of English, and we found this with Oliver v5’s simple, visual interface.

    Debbie Hunter, Teacher Librarian and Curriculum Coordinator

Select your School

No matter what type of school you are in, or how big or small, Oliver is the right choice for your library. Find out why.

Your Global User Community

Oliver users enjoy the additional support of a global community of peers from over 6,000 schools in 70 countries who share ideas, experiences, and learnings.

Committed to Innovation & Best Practice

Softlink’s experts ensure Oliver remains the market leader in technology, security, safety, functionality and performance. We are proud to announce that Oliver has successfully qualified to be part of the Safer Technologies 4 Schools (ST4S) program.

End-to-end library management

By saving time and effort on library administration, Oliver enables schools to thrive in the face of reduced staffing and increased expectations, while promoting library resources and building a community of learning.