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Discover Sora with OverDrive

The Sora app is compatible with every major device and revolutionises the student reading experience. Whether for class or fun, Sora makes reading accessible for all students, through powerful learning tools and easy access to essential titles.

  • One-tap step to borrow and start reading
  • Automatic activity syncing across multiple devices
  • Download titles for offline reading
  • A multilingual interface in up to 10 languages
  • Personalise the reading experience with audiobooks, Read-Alongs, OpenDyslexic font, screen reader support, adjustable text settings and more
  • Exportable notes, highlights and definitions
  • Reading data & insights including books read, total reading time and average time per book/session
  • Assigned books show up automatically and expire on a set due date

For more information about introducing eBooks in your school library:

Read the transcript:

Hi my name’s Olivia and I love to read.

Finding something new to read used to be a problem until the Sora app.

I can use Sora to discover and enjoy the industry’s largest collection of eBooks and audiobooks from my school, for both leisure and class assigned reading, and it couldn’t be easier to use!

Just find your school and log in using school credentials. From there it’s a simple one-tap step to borrow and start reading.

With Sora you can listen to audiobooks and add bookmarks, notes and highlights as you listen.

With eBooks there’s the dyslexic font, enlarged text, read-alongs and more, to personalise my learning.

And Sora provides a unified experience across the devices and operating systems.

This means you can sync loans, holds, highlights and more on all your devices.

With Sora, achievements and avatars make reading fun for students.

And teachers can optimise instruction with title assignments and reading data.

It’s even easy enough for my dad to use!

Sora, student reading app, brought to you by your school and built with love by OverDrive.