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Oliver v5 video case study – “Implementation & Integration” - Coburg High School

Ramsay Duncan, IT Manager and Robbie Preece, Specialist Technician.

Coburg High School’s IT Department have found Oliver v5 to be a cohesive software, tying together many IT components of their school.

Throughout the implementation and maintenance phases, the staff have felt confident in Softlink’s Support Services ability to rectify any concerns and achieve results promptly.


In this video Ramsay and Robbie discuss these, and other benefits, of introducing Oliver v5 at their school.

Join Ramsay and Robbie as they answer the following questions:

  • How did you find the Oliver v5 implementation process? (0:14)
  • What has your experience been with Oliver v5 and integration? (0:35)
  • How have you found Softlink Support Services? (1:50)

Learn more about Oliver v5 with these resources

  • This video gives a brief (2:24min) overview of Oliver v5, Softlink’s dynamic and engaging school library management software.
  • We added some great features into Oliver v5 in 2019! Check out this blog post for info.
  • Coburg High School’s library has seen improved student engagement and increased borrowing as a result of Oliver v5’s streamlined functionality and engaging interface. Hear more in this video case study.

Read the transcript

How did you find the Oliver v5 implementation process? (0:14)


The implementation process was pretty painless really. We didn’t really experience very many hiccups.

We got a lot of support from Softlink in getting it up and running, and honestly, we were up and running much quicker than we expected to be.

What has your experience been with Oliver v5 and integration? (0:35)


Our experience with Oliver has been extremely positive so far. We’ve seen how it’s transformed a lot of how we use IT in the school.

The way it’s integrated with the different systems that we have at the school has been very positive as well.

Whether it be linking to our student information system like Compass, and other things that we’ve been using in the school like ClickView, it’s been a really cohesive piece of software that’s really tied together a lot of components of the school.


It all went pretty smoothly from IT’s point of view.

We just recently set up the EduHub recurring imports, so we have the new students and staff that are imported on a daily basis. So that’s been set up just recently and it’s working quite well, and it’s all been very straightforward.

We have an Oliver cloud instance and it’s been very easy to use.

How have you found Softlink Support Services? (1:50)


We found Softlink Support services to be really, really strong. It’s one of our favourite parts about working with Softlink and using the Oliver software.

We’ve had various technical queries throughout our time using Oliver and without fail, every time Softlink is able to give us a prompt response, investigate issues and get us running really, really quickly.

So yeah, we’ve had nothing but positive experience so far.