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Peek into Orbit

Peek into Orbit

Watch this demonstration to learn more about Orbit, Oliver v5’s junior and middle school search interface.

With avatars, backgrounds and themes, students can customise their experience, making it more engaging for younger students.


Easy and clear to use for students, Orbit also provides the functionality for staff to customise the home page with carousels, things to do, slide shows and more, connecting the students to the library and its resources.

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Welcome to Orbit, Softlink’s junior and middle school interface available exclusively with Oliver v5.

Orbit offers students a simple, engaging, and customised reading and research platform - a space to discover, manage, and access a number of physical or digital resources.

Students will love personalising Orbit, choosing from a range of colour themes and backgrounds to suit them.

They can also select an avatar with popular options for students of all ages.

As a teacher librarian or library staff member, you can use Orbit to set up carousels of popular or new resources and engage students with reading lists for example, top five books, teacher recommendations, or Premier’s Reading Challenge.

There are also areas for library news and other notices.

With Orbit, students will be inspired to manage and focus their own learning. Orbit offers picture search, search by type, and word search with predictive text. Searching for resources has never been easier.

Students can browse through a selection of cover images, see whether a resource is available, and where to find it in your library.

Important information about resources is highlighted helping to grab their attention.

Reading is encouraged with book reviews, new book lists, and easy to access e-resources such as eBooks and ClickView.

An eBook button is available to showcase your full collection without the need to search.

In addition, with deep digital integration, eBooks are automatically added to Orbit so students can borrow and download an eBook without leaving the system.

With Super Search, students can search online databases and subscriptions such as Britannica Kids or ClickView.

Orbit allows students to manage their library experience. They can see their alerts and other information, what they currently have on loan, and any reserved or overdue resources.

Orbit can also be configured to support self-checkout.

Orbit encourages junior and middle school students to engage more with their library helping them to develop effective digital literacy skills while supporting your school’s learning outcomes.

You and your students will love using Orbit anytime, anywhere, in your library or from home, on PC, laptop, tablet, or other digital device.