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Oliver v5 school library software demonstration

See some of the key features in Oliver v5 in this short video.

Learn how Oliver v5:

  • Encourages student engagement
  • Promotes your library and resources through a customisable news page
  • Integrates seamlessly with other digital systems
  • Saves administration time
  • Streamlines cataloguing
  • Automates reporting

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Your school library provides a vital hub of information and resources to support teaching and learning for school-wide success.

The right library software helps you make the most of your school library.

To encourage student engagement, you need a clear, vibrant interface that’s easy to use and integrates seamlessly with the many different systems and resources your school uses.

Oliver v5 offers recommendations based on interests, borrowing history, popular items, and more to keep your students reading and returning to the library.

Your students will love the many engaging features in Oliver v5, including slideshows, embedded multimedia content, predictive search, reading lists, and maps to help locate resources on the shelves.

Use the customizable news page to promote your library news and activities.

You can also reuse your information boxes in learning management systems.

Oliver v5 integrates easily with your school’s other software including school administration systems, eLearning tools, and digital media platforms.

The Federated Search feature makes it easy to access your subscription resources straight from the search page.

Promoting the use of your eResources is easy with Oliver v5. Students can even access eBooks and video without leaving the Oliver v5 page.

Library staff will also love the many benefits of Oliver v5.

Save time by automating daily administrative and management tasks through Oliver v5 so you can focus on using your library to its potential.

Oliver v5’s smart cataloguing takes the effort out of cataloguing your resources by streamlining the workflow to one simple page.

In addition, with automated reporting, you can quickly and easily generate statistics and reports to demonstrate the real value of your school library to management and other stakeholders and help identify areas for improvement.

Softlink is proud to partner with school libraries offering quality support and targeted innovation to help you achieve the best outcomes for your school.

Contact your local Softlink office to find out more.