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The Future of Library Management has arrived in the US

Softlink Education’s partnership with Mackin is founded on shared values and a deep commitment to advancing school libraries across the globe. Both companies have over 40 years experience and are leaders in their respective fields, with a primary focus on understanding the importance of continual evolution in education.

Mackin proudly serves over 65,000 customers worldwide with the objective of providing the highest quality educational products while delivering incomparable service at an unmatched level. 

Softlink Education provides cutting-edge library management solutions that evolve with students and educators to “future-proof” school libraries.

The result of this partnership is an all-new library solution, MackinVision, that is tailored to the US Market and incorporates Softlink’s technical expertise with Mackin’s commitment to exceptional customer service.  Together we will use cooperation, creativity, and commitment to mould education for the future.