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Oliver v5 and ClickView Integration Features

Softlink Education and ClickView work closely to ensure your students will benefit from seamless integration so they can find the resources they need in one search.

Watch this video (1:32) to see some of the ways Oliver and Clickview integrate: 

  • Via LearnPath
  • Via the Oliver News page
  • Via Federated Search

Read the transcript 

Welcome to this short demonstration, where you’ll learn how to search for ClickView videos within Oliver.

I will also show how ClickView integrates with both Oliver and LearnPath – Softlink’s information curating tool. 

As you can see, I have set up a ClickView Search box on my News page in Oliver. 

To find a ClickView video, I enter my keyword into the ClickView search bar. 

Next, I click on the thumbnail of the video I want to watch on the results page. 

This page automatically includes the description, author information, classification rating, a link to the relevant curriculum subject, and a direct web address. 

To watch the video within Oliver I can just click the play button.

ClickView subscribers can also take advantage of LearnPath’s ClickView integration. 

You can browse your ClickView library and find the right video without even leaving LearnPath.

Integration will automatically add the embed code and add the video to your LearnPath guide. 

Thanks for watching. For more information, or to arrange a demo, contact the Softlink team.