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School library software that helps develop literacy and research skills

Helping students to develop research skills for future learning is a key priority for secondary schools. To facilitate this, your library software should provide an engaging and easily accessible space for students to explore.

Softlink solutions can be accessed from any desktop or tablet, allowing students and staff to discover resources whenever they need them.

Oliver school library management system expands students’ learning horizons through recommendations, advanced search functionality and an easy to use drag and drop interface. Secondary school librarians love the automated workflows, instant reporting, and intuitive features that help them manage their library, promote learning resources and advocate the value of their services school-wide.

LearnPath information curating tool allows schools to create rich learning guides with text, images, embedded digital and interactive resources, links to library resources, and other content that will capture students’ interest and guide them to become enthusiastic, independent learners.

Oliver v5

Oliver Library Software

Oliver library software offers an easy to use, digital rich, engaging experience for the entire school community.

Discover Oliver v5
Oliver v5
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LearnPath provides a digital platform to create, publish and share rich learning guides and other content. With easy to navigate 24/7 access, schools can use LearnPath to present focused information and resources for improved educational outcomes.

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