Are you on the latest Oliver v5 update?


Are you on the latest Oliver v5 update?

Are you on the latest Oliver v5 update and taking advantage of all the newest functionality available to you?

Oliver v5 Build 8.022 is the latest release available to our supported users and just one of the ten updates planned annually by the Softlink Development Team. With so many updates planned, you can be sure that there are lots of exciting new features on the horizon.

Did you know that your school can have updates to Oliver v5 applied automatically, as soon as they are made available by the Softlink Development Team? This means that library staff can access all the newest functionality immediately, with no effort required from your IT staff.

All updates approved for automatic download have passed Softlink’s extensive testing process. The updates are applied automatically to your Oliver v5 system during weekends, so library staff don’t experience any down time.

If you would like to turn on the auto update function in your Oliver v5 system and are in the southern hemisphere, you can find instructions by logging into your helpdesk account, clicking on Training Guides and opening the article ‘Enabling automatic updates’. If you are in the northern hemisphere, login to the download site for access to the article.

If your IT staff would rather continue manually applying all Oliver v5 updates, there is good news too. Softlink will notify you when new updates are available and guide you through the process of applying them.

Some of the recent new features include the analytical reporting module, the basic report writer tool, the smart cataloguing module, the ability to automatically enhance your cataloguing records overnight, OPAC tile view, federated search in Orbit, enhanced resource reviews and much more.

The next exciting new feature planned for release is the new-look OPAC.

*If you take advantage of Softlink’s Hosting Service then Softlink will already be managing this process for you.

*If you are part of a group of schools being centrally managed by a Head Office then this process will be managed by the Head Office.

Please send any feedback to Susan Gan.

Susan Gan, Customer Community Manager