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Moving from Oliver v3 to Oliver v5 - a user perspective

Kathleen Cassell, Library Technician, Buninyong Primary School

What is the implementation process and transition from Oliver v3 to Oliver v5 like? Kathleen Cassell shares her experience in this video.

Join Kathleen as she answers the following questions:


  • How did you find the transition process? (0:22)
  • How are you finding Oliver v5? (0:51)
  • What specific improvements have you noticed? (1:44)

Learn more about the implementation process:

Read the transcript

Kathleen, when did your school library move from Oliver v3 to Oliver v5?

At the beginning of 2017 and it’s the best thing we ever did.

How did you find the transition process?

It was so smooth. Softlink, your support, did it all and it was a very smooth transition, I had no problem whatsoever. We didn’t have any downtime; it was a very smooth transition.

And then I had the online training, and we had no problem, we just went straight into it.

How are you finding Oliver v5?

I love it. In fact, I love it so much I can’t even remember what v3 is like. There are just so many advantages to Oliver v5.

It’s quicker. There’s things you can do that you always had to get support for before.

You have the opportunity now to go searching. The help button there it’s just amazing, you just get so much out of that.

And anything you’re not sure of, if you just go looking around, nine times out of ten you can find it. If not, you’ve got the support and they’re always back to you within a couple of hours.

You know, your support is just amazing with everything.

What specific improvements have you noticed since moving to Oliver v5?

With searching around now I’ve just been able to find so many different things to do.

One advantage I find is when you’ve downloaded a whole load of new resources, and they are there first, you have, once you’ve finished them, you go back to the list. And then you go up the top two resources and you can print the spine labels from there.

So that’s cut out a step of having to go and print spine labels, and I just find that so time friendly, to do all that.

One thing with Oliver v5 too, I’d never known how cataloguing worked. Then the minute I went on there, I’m using said cataloguing all the time. That is a huge advantage with v5, that it just takes out so much work for you.

The teachers actually find the circulation desk much easier to use. One advantage is when they scan a child’s name, they can see straightaway what books the children have out. This is all on one screen and the teachers just love it.

Another advantage for parents is you can give them a link. So at home, they can go in and see what books their children have. It’s helpful in that it shows the book cover so the parents know exactly what they’re looking for.

I just find v5 so superior. I haven’t found anything difficult to do. You know, it’s basically step-by-step and you can do it.