Oliver v5 Library Software

Oliver v5 Library Software

Dynamic, digital rich and engaging school library management software

Oliver v5 offers a digital rich, engaging experience for the entire school community. As a fully web based solution it can be accessed from any desktop or tablet device, allowing students to discover library and learning resources 24/7 in school, from home or on the go.

Interactive Student Search Interface

  • Recommendations-based Browse Lists page provides a highly personalised library experience
  • “Drag and drop” to basket
  • 24/7 access from anywhere, anytime
  • Deep digital integration with eResources for direct borrow and download within the public Search interface
  • Predictive text searching, Faceted search and Advanced Federated Search
  • Library News page for publishing curated book carousels and other engaging content
  • Relevancy ranking
  • Orbit search interface – for junior and middle school students
  • Clear presentation of results, with easy links to
    interactive resources
  • Library maps to assist users to locate resources
  • Users can manage their own library profile – reserve, renew, request, and review results

Management Functionality

  • Manage every type of resource - physical, virtual, electronic
  • Smart Cataloguing allows you to add new resources and copies using just a barcode scanner
  • Report on all aspects of library, research and resource centre management including statistics
  • Dynamically view graphical reports using real time library data with Analytical Reporting
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Information alerts including real time reminders
  • Facility to create up to seven customised authority files or taxonomies
  • Equipment and asset resource management

Flexible Integration

  • Ability to connect to virtual learning environments e.g. Moodle, SharePoint, Knowledge Net
  • Access digital media e.g. ClickView, DVC, TV 4 Ed
  • Integration with Student Management Systems, e.g. TASS, SIMS.Net, CMIS, Maze


  • SQL Technology
  • Fully web-based, with no installation required on client machines
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Full-text search of all catalogue records
  • Email and SMS functionality
  • Z-Cataloguing – import MARC21 records from libraries and databases around the world
  • RFID and self-checkout ready
  • URL checker - validates URLs attached to your library’s resources

Live Catalogue Enrichments

  • Enhanced catalogue records using streamlined SCIS integration
  • Cover images delivered and displayed on demand. These can be locally added or dynamically loaded using providers such as Syndetic Solutions
  • Author and title information using Syndetic Solutions
  • Web 2.0 features including integration with LibraryThing for Libraries, Federated Search, ChiliFresh and much more

Security and Support Functionality

  • Single Sign-On using latest technologies
  • Ability to secure access to resources according to user profiles and privileges matching business policies
  • Certified T4 hosting facilities available
  • Helpdesk facilities via online, email or phone


Orbit makes reading and research simpler and more engaging for junior and middle school students with a dynamic picture search environment, interchangeable graphics options, RSS feeds, book cover carousels and more. Orbit will encourage your students to love research and reading.

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Schools Catalogue Information Service - SCIS

Schools Catalogue Information Service - SCIS

A database of consistent, high-quality catalogue records created for school libraries.

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