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Save time and streamline your cataloguing using SCIS and Oliver v5


SCIS Streamline for Success

Streamline your cataloguing and save time with SCIS, a central cataloguing agency that provides access to a comprehensive database of catalogue records and cover images for print and digital resources.

School librarians are set with the challenging task of juggling various roles throughout their day. Between resourcing the curriculum, promoting active involvement in the library, and teaching library and information literacy skills, library staff also tend to a multitude of daily-to-day activities, including loans, cataloguing and acquisitions. 

Save time with SCIS Cataloguing

For school library staff, time is a valuable resource. Lack of time presents a major obstacle to success and can affect the management and circulation of library resources. SCIS, or the Schools Catalogue information Service, offers a high quality, consistent cataloguing service that integrates seamlessly with your library management system to make cataloguing more manageable.

About SCIS

SCIS is a central cataloguing agency that provides access to a comprehensive database of catalogue records and cover images for print and digital resources. A wide range of publishers work with SCIS to ensure the diverse cataloguing needs of schools are met.

“We acquire mostly UK ISBNs for most of our bibliographic resources and we get an amazing hit rate in locating resources,” says Robert George of The Alice Smith School, a British International school in Malaysia.

SCIS catalogue records also include full and abridged Dewey Decimal classification, subject and name authorities, and SCIS Subject Headings, which have been developed specifically for school users.

SCIS connections magazine

“For us, it is important that our catalogue is not constrained by US-centric subject headings, and in this way, SCIS provides an authority set that is both school-catalogue-appropriate and meets our curricular needs,” says Robert.

SCIS Data integrates seamlessly with Softlink systems

With the ability to download SCIS records directly into your Oliver v5 library management system, SCIS Data is an intuitive, simple-to-use service designed to save time.

SCIS is also a strong advocate for K–12 libraries, with a free quarterly magazine Connections - a long-running, respected resource for school library professionals. To receive Connections online, please sign up to the mailing list.

For a free trial or further information, please visit https://www.scisdata.com/products/scis-data/

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