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Category: CommunityeBooks

Guest Blog: Audiobooks and School Libraries

We are excited to share this guest blog written by Anne Weaver, Head of Library and Information Services at All Hallows' School.

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Category: InnovationeBooks

Overcoming barriers to reading engagement at Glenallen School – part 2

In this blog post, Stefanie Young, Literacy Learning Specialist at a special needs school, shares how she has addressed the barriers to reading books independently, and providing access to popular, age equivalent titles.

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Category: CommunityeBooks

How does OverDrive work?

Extend the walls of your library, and meet students where they are, with an OverDrive eBook collection!

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Category: eBooks

Softlink solutions to support learning – Part 3

In this post we look at OverDrive for building a digital library that can provide more than a physical library can offer, a digital collection beyond eBooks, and promoting reading and engagement.

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