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2022: A Year in Review Blog

Read about our year, including new features, group training, security and more from 2022!

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Employee Spotlight - Joel Loveridge

In this blog, we introduce Joel Loveridge, our new Customer Success- Support Manager. We get to know Joel a little bit more in the latest of our Softlink Education Employee Spotlight series.

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LearnPath Hub

Collaborate with other users via the LearnPath Hub.

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CBC Fremantle: How LearnPath supports our culture of innovation

This blog post discusses CBC Fremantle’s early experiences with LearnPath and, more recently, how LearnPath has helped to support the online learning environment during school shut-downs.

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Beginning of year top tips

Welcome back, the new year is here! With students starting to return to school, we thought it may be helpful to share some hints and tips for preparing your school library for the year ahead!

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