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Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

Library cataloguing made easy

The Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS) provides your school library with access to a database of high quality, consistent catalogue records created according to agreed standards. SCIS improves the efficiency and user experience of your school library.


Softlink is partnering with SCIS to provide services to schools outside of Australia.

Schools outside of Australia can download the order forms below to subscribe to SCIS. Australian schools should click here to visit the SCIS website to order.

Save time and money

SCIS can save you time and money by providing your school library with a more efficient way of cataloguing records.

On average, school libraries catalogue approximately 1,000 records per year and an experienced cataloguer can take up to 16 minutes to catalogue each record. That equates to 38 working days, and approximately $10,000, per annum in labour costs. But with SCIS your school can catalogue large amounts of books in just minutes.

Infographic - Self cataloguing costs per annum

Improve your catalogue searches

Enhanced catalogue records will help your teachers and students to easily find library resources that meet their needs. SCIS provides enhanced content including eye-catching book cover images, full and abridged Dewey, educational subject headings, plot summaries, author notes, awards and reviews.

Boosting student engagement with exciting new features in Oliver v5

Catalogue websites and other digital resources

Thousands of catalogue records for digital content including educational websites, apps and eBooks that are available for importing into your school library catalogue.

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Integration with Oliver v5

Your school library can benefit from the enhanced integration available between Oliver v5 and SCIS. Oliver v5 schools can use SCIS for advanced automated cataloguing of a wide range of resources including new and existing records imported from eBook suppliers OverDrive and Wheelers.

Multiple devices displaying Oliver v5
Oliver v5

Oliver v5 Library Software

Oliver v5 library software offers an easy to use, digital rich, engaging experience for the entire school community.

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Oliver v5