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Softlink offers access to better school catalogue records with SCIS


SCIS - Schools Catalogue Information Service

The Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS) and Softlink have collaborated for a number of years to provide school libraries with streamlined access to enhanced catalogue records through the Oliver v5 library management system.

The integration between Oliver v5 and SCIS makes school library cataloguing quicker and easier, while also enhancing the user experience with attractive cover art and additional title information.

With the majority of Australian school libraries already using SCIS, and with a shared focus between the two companies on streamlining school library operations, it made sense to enter into a more formal international arrangement.

As the newly appointed international agent, Softlink will help SCIS to expand the presence of the popular central cataloguing service by promoting, and making available, the benefits of SCIS services to school libraries outside Australia.

Oliver v5 is used in school libraries all over the world, and according to SCIS Director Rachel Elliott, this was a major factor in the decision to work with Softlink internationally.

“Oliver v5 provides seamless integration with SCIS data for print and digital content. SCIS are thrilled to collaborate with Softlink to promote best-practice resource management in schools.”

Benefits of SCIS

  • Save time and money
  • Improve catalogue searches
  • Catalogue websites and other digital resources
  • Seamless integration with Oliver v5

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