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Congratulating Russell McGrath on 25 years with Softlink


Russell - Softlink Education training manager

2018 has been a year of celebrating accomplishments here at Softlink Education, with several of our colleagues reaching impressive milestones in their careers. After Aus/NZ Support Manager Ian West marked 30 years in February, it’s time to acknowledge another remarkable commitment, as Aus/NZ Training Manager Russell McGrath notches up 25 years.

Russell said what he likes best about Softlink is the opportunity to learn something new every day, whether technical or trivial.

We asked Russell what had changed during his time at Softlink, and his answer highlights how much he has learned and adapted over the years: “Technology - when I first started, we didn’t use Internet or email. Now there are no more faxes, floppy discs or DOS, and my email address has changed at least 5 or 6 times since my first one (which still works).”

So what hasn’t changed? “Ian West!”

We have Russell to thank for a lot of the wonderful feedback we’ve received from happy customers over many years. Russell’s energy, dedication, expertise, and personable approach are always highly appreciated by library staff, as well as by all his colleagues.

There’s no doubt Russell has made a positive impact during his time at Softlink, and we’re grateful for all his hard work. In recognition of Russell’s achievements, we’ve gathered some memorable photos, facts and stats to share with you below.

Many of you will have met Russell over the years, so we hope you enjoy what we’ve come up with and invite you to share your own Russell-themed fun facts and/or anecdotes over on Twitter @SoftlinkEdu

... Or send him an email at his old address, if you have it.

Congratulations Russell on reaching legend status – and here’s to the next 25 years!

Infographic - about Russell McGrath
Russell McGrath - Party person

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