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Introducing the Softlink Education Support Teams


Softlink Support Champions

Great support comes from a combination of personal care, knowledge and access to resources. It improves your software experience, and your day! A core focus for Softlink is the delivery of high quality support, in the form of inbuilt help resources, free webinars, videos and of course, personal access to our in-house team of support champions.

The teams thrive on helping school libraries get the most out of their school library system, and based on some of the feedback they get, it seems our users agree!

We wrote this blog post to celebrate our Education Support Champions, based in both the Australian and UK offices, help you put a face to a name, and share some of the wonderful feedback the teams receive on a daily basis.

We also asked them what they like most about their job. It turned out there were a lot of things but one of the major themes was the enjoyment and satisfaction they get from working with and helping our users.

We hope you enjoy getting to know our Support heroes as much as we, as a broader Softlink Team, enjoy working with them.

The encouragement, appreciation and feedback the teams receive on a daily basis is truly inspiring. We’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thankyou to our many customers for making our job, organisation wide, so enjoyable and rewarding.

Meet our team! 

Joel Customer Success, Support Manager
Steve - Softlink Technical Support Analyst
Candice - Softlink Technical Support Analyst
Jordan Support Team
Callum - Support Team
Fiona  - Softlink Technical Support
Georgie - Support Team
Lyndsay - Softlink Technical Support Analyst
Dan - Customer Services Team Leader
John - Softlink Technical Support Analyst
Sarah Customer Retention Specialist

What do our customers think of Softlink Support? 

Softlink’s Help Desk are fantastic. As soon as I call them, they pick up the phone, they spend as long as I need on the phone. 

Danielle Rowley, Resurrection School

Again thanks for all your help.  You support people are worth your weight in gold.

Kathleen Cassell, Buninyong Primary School

 The support I receive from Softlink Support is amazing. They always know exactly what the problem is and how to fix it very quickly and extremely thoroughly. They're the best customer service representatives I deal with in my job, and I never feel like a problem is too petty to bother them with, they always make me feel validated.

Kerry Pagett, Jingili Primary School

Thank you so much for walking with us through this journey. I've gone through three changes with Softlink, started with Alice in 1999, then Oliver 3 and now to Oliver 5, and all have been a satisfying experience. We change for the better!

Lidyana Budiawan, Regents Park Christian School

I can't emphasise strongly enough the calm, logical, and expert guidance and assistance I received from my Softlink State Rep and the technicians in our move to being hosted during the COVID-19 panic here in March. I'm so grateful to them all for helping me when I was particularly stressed and all with a very fast turnaround. We don't have a dedicated IT person in our school and I was able to extract our database from our library server and send it to Softlink for hosting with excellent phone and email assistance. 

Julie Guglielmana, Eaton Primary School - WA

What I like about the Softlink support team is that they seem to “get” school libraries. So, I think they get my library. They understand that if there’s a problem, it needs to be fixed immediately. They understand the terms on which I think. I get the impression that a lot of the team there, they’ve worked with libraries. They aren’t just technicians, they understand the world of libraries, and that’s hugely, hugely important to me. That they get where I’m coming from and that they are committed to just making things work.

Dr Graham Gardner, Abingdon School

I love that when I suggest changes or upgrades they actually happen!

Susan Grieve, Tarneit P-9 College

You are the BEST! thanks for all your help! Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much!

Joy Villanueva, Bethany Christian School

Softlink has evolved to meet our needs and continues to develop and provide reliable support to our three Campus Libraries. 

Donna James, Copperfield College

Softlink’s Help Desk are fantastic. As soon as I call them, they pick up the phone, they spend as long as I need on the phone. 

Danielle Rowley, Resurrection School

Meet more of the Softlink Education Team

Editors note: This post was originally published June 2017 and has been updated in November 2022 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehension.