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Softlink attends CENet CELib Web Conference


The last CENet CELib meeting (web conference) was held on Thursday 12 August.  

Originally called IDEAS meetings, the CELib (Catholic Education Library) meetings are held quarterly and are an opportunity for Catholic Diocese Library Services Coordinators to discuss common issues and ideas.

Members of the Softlink Education Team have been attending these meetings for several years and we have greatly valued the feedback and questions from our Oliver customers. In fact, feedback from these meetings fed into the development of the Oliver interface which has been popular with students and helping schools improve engagement with the library.

We also had the opportunity to present exciting new developments on the horizon.

At the August meeting, Dion Dias, Softlink’s Development Product Champion, shared details of upcoming new features in Oliver v5 and LearnPath. Some of the new features Dion discussed include:

  • Reporting enhancements
  • Circulation Desk enhancements
  • Borrower merge
  • Change display language on-the-fly
  • LearnPath enhancements

LearnPath Specialist, Joel Loveridge, gave a demonstration of the new LearnPath hub, that enables LearnPath users to publish and share their guides with each other. Recently launched, hub content is rapidly growing with many Diocese schools sharing. 

The CELib sessions also include a Q&A, with Softlink support staff and Diocese library managers sharing knowledge, ideas, and best practice tips. 

As part of these meetings, the group participates in a features and functionality voting survey, ensuring Softlink continues to provide Diocese schools with the best library and literacy tools for the future. 

The Softlink Education Team look forward to many more meetings in the future (and hoping to return to fact-to-face meetings soon!).

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