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Check out the Sora marketing resources available to you at no cost in the OverDrive Resource Center


Reach more students

By Christina Samek, Outreach Specialist, OverDrive

Marketing and outreach are crucial to the success of any service and your digital collection is no exception. With Sora’s streamlined user experience and built-in support features, there’s no better time than now to remind users to access your digital collection through Sora, the student reading app. As crucial as promotion may be, it can take time and effort—things that are often in short supply. We took that into consideration when launching OverDrive’s Resource Center in 2016.

Marketing on the Go

In the Resource Center, you’ll find a curated list of resources to help you and your users get the most out of your OverDrive service. Our resources are created to help you increase circulation, attract new users, and ensure your entire community is aware of your digital offerings. They are also intended to be completely self-service. Simply download, print or post, and go. Voila, you’re instantly a marketer!

Looking for print materials in international paper sizes? Talk with your Sora Account Manager, Traci Egan tegan@overdrive, about adjusting bookmarks, flyers, and posters to accommodate your printing needs. Plus, we offer a select list of the most popular print materials in the Global Resouce Center that are already adapted to A-series sizing.

In addition to graphics and print materials, you will find several Marketing kits by theme that contain both print and digital elements to help you connect with users in person and online. Materials are rotated monthly to ensure your promotion stays fresh and timely.  

Read on Sora

Some of our favorites include the Sora Getting Started Kit, Did You Know? Social Graphics Kit, and the recent Audiobook Month kit that helps promote the constantly on-the-rise digital format. If you’re just looking for essentials, we have kits for that too. You’ll always be able to download print pieces and digital graphics for continuous, evergreen promotion.

Blog to keep you informed

We appreciate the demands on your time. To quickly stay informed of Resource Center updates, Sora promotions, and digital collection best practices, subscribe to the Schools Blog. A recent OverDrive Resource Center FAQs post provides answers to frequently asked questions about the Resource Center marketing, training, and collection development pages.

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