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Softlink Education Customer Care


Softlink Education Customer Care

Introducing school library “champion”, Susan Gan, Past Customer Community Manager for Softlink’s Education.

Susan Gan was appointed to the role of Customer Community Manager in 2016 and has now moved on from Softlink to pursue other career opportunities. Managing Director Nathan Godfrey said the role is an extension of Softlink’s commitment to providing outstanding service and value to the education community.

Susan’s previous experience as a school librarian, and in-depth knowledge of Softlink’s solutions gained over the past nine years with the company, has helped shape the direction of the role.

She describes it as the internal champion for school libraries and educators. Susan has been tasked with growing school library community networks and being the internal, user perspective, voice for Oliver v5 development.

‘Oliver v5 is already a fantastic product, but we want to make it even better! I listen to what our customers say to me directly, through surveys, user groups and other channels, and then use that information to help shape the direction of Oliver. I’m also involved in product testing which is where my school library experience is particularly beneficial.’

‘Centralising the internal advocate position has allowed me to really focus on what’s important to customers.’

Susan has been proactive in communicating with our customers about new features and working together with the school library community on new projects. Since her appointment to this role, Susan has rolled out a number of new initiatives.

She has implemented quarterly International User Groups for school libraries in Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia as well as for school libraries in the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the United States.

Susan presents Oliver v5 New Features Webinar’s twice a year, providing a very user-orientated approach to how customers can benefit from the new features, and her regular blog posts have helped school libraries to get the most out of their Oliver v5 system.

Perhaps the most exciting initiatives she has launched this year are the Inaugural Oliver v5 User Conference, held in May 2018 (with over 160 attendees!) and the new Oliver v5 Community Portal. The Oliver v5 Community Portal has been launched to customers in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the Americas and will soon be available to customers in the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the United States.

The Softlink Helpdesk continues to provide customer support services and school libraries should contact them directly for their day-to-day support needs. The Softlink Education Division account managers can also assist school libraries who are requiring additional functionality.

Would you like to know more about Softlink Education’s Customer Care initiatives mentioned in this post?

1. Oliver v5 Community Portal

To learn more about the Community Portal, visit this blog. If you would like to register for the Portal click here.

2. User Groups and New Features Webinars

To learn more about our customer care webinars and find out when the next ones are, visit our events page. You could also subscribe to Softlink communications and you will receive invitations as new events are scheduled.

3. The Softlink Blog

Susan regularly posts handy tip and tricks for using Oliver v5 to its full potential, feature updates, and new initiatives on the Softlink Blog. Here are a few to get you started:

4. Annual Oliver v5 user conference

To read more about our first ever User Conference click here. We will be running this event annually – if you would like to know when and where the next one will be, make sure you visit our events page. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Softlink communications and you will receive an invitation once it’s announced!


Editors note: This post was originally published June 2016 and has been updated July 2018 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehension.