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New Features Webinar


Each term, the Softlink Support team delivers a free webinar previewing and demonstrating the new features coming to Oliver v5.  

These free webinars provide a detailed outline of what exciting new features users can expect coming to Oliver v5 systems in the coming updates.  

In the most recent webinar, Softlink Training Manager, Russell McGrath, demonstrated a range of features that will be released with Build 8.052 including,

  • Updates to the news page
  • Merging borrower records
  • Searching for borrowers
  • Reporting enhancements
  • Resource boxes
  • LearnPath enhancements

September’s webinar was well attended, with over 220 people registering and joining the live session. Those attending were able to participate in a live Q&A session with Russell following the demonstration. These Q&A sessions are an important opportunity for attendees to learn more about specific features so they can get the most out of their library systems new features. 

One of the attendees asked for more information about resources boxes, while another topic of interest was the new enhancements to reporting. Russell was able to provide an in-depth demonstration on how to operate these tools. 

These webinars provide users with training on upcoming features before they’re released. If you’re unable to attend these free webinars, you’ll be able to find an overview of all the latest developments when you first log into your system following an update. 

Russell’s Top Tip

During the webinar, Russell demonstrated how to customise and personalise the screen.  

Oliver v5 users are able to change the way pages look by managing what information is displayed. For example, to make things more efficient or straightforward for library users, they can hide a field that they don’t use. On the other hand, they can add an important field to suit a particle requirement of their library’s unique circumstances.

The Softlink Education team looks forward to seeing everyone at the next webinar! To find out when the next one is scheduled, and to register, watch our events page.

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