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Celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day


Indigenous Literacy Day

This article was originally published on the Indigenous Literacy Foundation website, republished with permission.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation proudly presents a celebration of stories and language, going live at 9am on Wednesday September 1.  

This free, virtual, covid-safe event will provide a window into the richness, diversity and multilingual world of First Nations peoples.  

Our online event will be an on-demand style website, where you can scroll through and engage with the content of your choice.  

The videos available will include stories from talented First Nations people like pop star Jessica Mauboy, author and performer Gregg Dreise, celebrated photographer Wayne Quilliam, a special video from Uncle Archie Roach, videos of kids in community, and many, many more!

As well as our free online event, there will also be a selection of pay-to-experience digital workshops, run by seven talented individuals including some of our Ambassadors and supporters.  

Each brings to their workshop their incredible expertise in a fun and engaging way - straight to your classroom, office or home. Register for updates today.  

Finally, for our younger audience members, we are presenting a special 25-minute event in collaboration with the Sydney Opera House’s Digital Creative Learning program.  

This is for groups aged 4-11, featuring dynamic, engaging performances of First Nations kids, Elders and leaders, celebrating their language and stories.  

Make sure you register today to have access to this incredible event!

Learn more about Indigenous Literacy Day with Jessica Mauboy!