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Category: Community

Special Days to Celebrate in Your School Library 2023 (For the Start of the Year)

Celebrate important dates with our informative and educational Special Days Guide. Learn about key events and explore fun and engaging ways to promote diversity, inclusion, and understanding among students and staff in school libraries. 

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Our Most Popular Blogs for 2022

Discover the top three most popular blogs from Softlink in 2022! Learn about the advantages of audiobooks in the classroom, find some fun ways to celebrate Library Lovers' Day and understand the challenges that school libraries are facing today. Stay tuned for more exciting content in the coming year!

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Keeping your school library data secure

Meet our Softlink Security Manager, Tony Parfitt. In this blog, Tony discusses the steps Softlink takes to stay ahead of security threats, and what you can do as well.

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2022: A Year in Review Blog

Read about our year, including new features, group training, security and more from 2022!

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