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Category: Oliver v5

Promoting Oliver in your school

We’ve compiled feedback and suggestions from Oliver v5 users about how they are encouraging active engagement in their school library and promoting Oliver v5.

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Category: CommunityeBooks

Guest Blog: Audiobooks and School Libraries

We are excited to share this guest blog written by Anne Weaver, Head of Library and Information Services at All Hallows' School.

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Category: Community

Costume ideas for Book Week

To celebrate Book Week 2022 -  Dreaming with eyes open, we’ve gathered a range of quick and easy costume ideas. We hope you’ll find something to inspire you!

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Category: CommunityOliver v5

Are you on the latest Oliver v5 update?

Are you on the latest Oliver v5 update and taking advantage of all the newest functionality available to you?

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LearnPath Hub

Collaborate with other users via the LearnPath Hub.

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