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School libraries share ideas for school-wide collaboration


School libraries share ideas for school-side collaboration

The topic of collaboration has featured heavily in respondent comments to the Softlink School Library Survey since its inception in 2010.

In 2017, we decided to frame a specific question on the topic. Respondents were asked ‘How do you currently collaborate, or what ideas do you have for greater collaboration between the library and the rest of the school?’

With the 2019 School Library Survey just around the corner, we thought it was a good time to revisit this feature and share the voice of real school librarians globally in response to this question.

How have respondents successfully initiated, encouraged, and achieved greater collaboration between their library and broader school community?

A summary of the feature has been shared below.

To download the full feature, click here.

Colourful School Wide Collaboration banner
Colourful School wide collaboration

Looking for more on collaboration between library staff and the school community?

  • Polly Krabbé, Marketing and Communications Manager from JCS Online Resources, has written this blog post discussing the importance of librarians and teaching staff working together to embed digital literacy skills into the curricula.

  • Originally published in Synergy, this article discusses the CLEAR methodology and provides evidence that school library professionals are collaborating with other educators to improve educational outcomes for students. 

  • In this short video (2:21) Laurel Ball, Teacher Librarian, Assisi Catholic College discusses the challenge of getting information literacy skills into the classroom and shares tips for collaborating with teachers to increase information literacy.