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School libraries share: library love


School libraries share: library love

Since 2014, Softlink has run an annual school library survey that looks at important statistical information, such as staffing and budgets, as well as school library practices, services, resourcing, and trends.

Participants also have the opportunity to share things they would love to change about their library or role, as well as provide open ended comments that they would like to share.

From year-to-year similar themes emerge, more budget, more time, more or more modern space, better staffing, more recognition of their role, more opportunities to collaborate, better technology, more focus on reading for pleasure, more focus on digital literacy, and less RFF.

Another theme that emerges is the love school library staff have for their role and their library.

“I love my job and enjoy going to work.” NZ 2015

“Working in a school library is the best job in the world!” AU 2019

“I love my job. It is busy, and interesting, and varied. I have the opportunity to work with different people on a variety of projects.” AU 2019

“I wouldn’t change anything - love what I do!” NZ 2020

This feature shares comments from the 2014 – 2020 surveys demonstrating the love and passion school library staff have and what they love most about coming to work. It also shares comments that demonstrate the love the school has for the library.

To download the full feature document, visit our resources page.

I love engaging with, and connecting with, students

“I love what I do - being part of encouraging reading for pleasure, curiosity, and a variety of interests in the students.” AU 2019

“My successes with helping students find the right book(s) help me through the harder days and through this unsettling year.” NZ 2020

“I love to see children grow in their love of stories and reading.” AU 2015

“I love my job…it is varied, fun, and I love engaging the students in literacy and technology.” AU 2014

“I love my job because of the students.” AU 2020

“I like the personal interaction with our students. I like doing the many varied bits of the job, all of it. From information literacy to reader engagement; managing the space to acquisitions and processing; training and managing the student librarians, and consulting with teachers on their needs.” NZ 2019

“Library positions are an unbelievable position of privilege. We are lucky enough to form relationships with every student, every staff member and be a support to them all. We really are quite blessed!” AU 2020

“Our school library is a wonderful learning environment and a safe haven for all students who find it difficult to interact with others, you see them grow into independent adults. It is a great place to work and to see teachers and their students learning.” AU 2017

“I feel my school library is well used, I provide a welcoming environment for students to study and interact during breaks. I also mentor students and help with assessment tasks and encourage reading for pleasure.” AU 2014

I love that our library is the hub of the school

“I have a new library and it has been moved to the centre of the school. It is called Nga Manawa which means the heart of the school. Our library is an important place in our school.”

NZ 2020

“We love that the library is popular and is well used as a study space.” AU 2014

“The school supports the library very well and the student population are avid readers who are fully engaged in their weekly borrowing and reading. Teachers attend with classes and use the time for 1 on 1 reading with students. Teachers use the library with great respect. The library is a much-loved facility for the whole school.” AU 2020

“In my school the libraries are very well utilised by our students. Happy libraries work wonders with student morale - they give them a place they own and a comfortable secure space to work with one another or on their own.” AU 2019

“Both students and staff love our library. It is a comfortable, safe place to be where learning and lounging can take place.” AU 2016

“The library is a popular and well used space, a haven from the noise of the playground. I would like it to be open for students even more hours…” NZ 2018

“Our library is considered a community space that welcomes all. Students have commented that they wish it was opened during both lunch/play breaks. It is a safe place where students can be themselves for many different reasons.” AU 2018

“Our school has over 1300 students and the library is the busiest place in the school. I am proud of all we achieve.” AU 2018

I love that the library or my role is valued

“I am very happy with the support for the library from the executive at this school - a big and welcome change from my previous school which did not have library interests at heart at all in recent times. Yes, I am rushed off my feet at times, and often busy, but I feel appreciated by the school leadership team, so this makes all the difference.” 

AU 2019

“I’m lucky in that I have the support of the principal and the kids love their library. I feel appreciated by everyone at the school.” NZ 2020

“Our students and I are very fortunate that our principal values the libraries position within the school. It is a pleasure coming to work.” AU 2019

“Having a supportive principal and staff makes the role so much easier. Being valued by the staff makes the job enjoyable.” AU 2019

“Our library is highly valued and well used by our whole school.” NZ 2019

“I love my job and I am very fortunate in that I have a very supportive principal who lets me ‘fly’.” AU 2018

“Our library is often referred to as “the beating heart of the school”. There is not a lot I need to change, except to keep abreast of all that is emerging and constantly evolving. We are so well supported by our Directors and the entire community.” AU 2020

“I am in a very, very fortunate position. I recognise that the budgets and staffing we receive at extremely generous. I love my job and am grateful every day.” AU 2019

“I’m lucky to have a very supportive Senior Leadership Team and Board of Trustees who see the value in a high functioning library.” NZ 2020

“I would change nothing! We have a beautiful library that is not taken for granted and I am fortunate to be able to say, I am very much appreciated.” AU 2017

“I work in an amazing school with supportive and wonderful staff.” AU 2017

“We have some teachers here at school that really value the role of a librarian and are passionate about kids enjoying their reading. It is so enjoyable to work with them. Together you feel like you can really make changes to the way students view the library and reading for pleasure. NZ 2019

“I love our school library which has been very well supported both from the school and its community.” AU 2020

I love my library space

“We have made a huge investment in our library this year with new furniture, shelving, layout and resources. Feedback has been positive with so many parents, students, visitors commenting on the space. The students now ask if they can be in the library rather than the classroom!” AU 2016

“Our library is well utilised and our budget allows us to purchase great books that children love. They also have chrome books and touch screen desktop computers at their disposal for research purposes. Our school is fortunate to have this environment that children love to be in and for me personally a great place to work in.” NZ 2016

“We now have a new library with new shelving with all the old books being donated to a less fortunate country. I am extremely happy with my school library!” AU 2014

“We have a new school library that I was involved in designing. It is an ideal flexible learning space that is well used and respected within the school.” AU 2019

“I love our library. It is warm, light, bright and inviting and we have great support from our Senior Leadership team - we are so lucky!” NZ 2020

“Our students comment that they value and love our library space (recent school survey).” AU 2019

“I love our little library. It is bright and colourful and full of interest, comfort and history. And by history I mean our school and towns history and culture. I want our students to feel that their library is important and it’s a nice place to be in while they are using its resources and space. I am very happy with my role and the responsibility given to me by my principal and SAM.” AU 2020

“I feel we have a great library space which is also the well-being area. It is inclusive and is always full at lunchtimes.” AU 2020

I love contributing to learning

“I love literacy and I offer all staff programs that may last three lessons to integrate into their programs. I have the best job in the school.” AU 2016

“I enjoy my role in the school. I see myself as a ‘researcher-in-residence’ for the school community.” AU 2014

“It is a pleasure to assist students completing VCE and VCAL towards success.” AU 2018

“I strongly believe in the important role the school library has as an information hub within the school. As the teacher librarian I am fortunate to work with all teachers across all stages and can provide a point of continuity when introducing new technologies such as eBooks and online workspaces.” AU 2015

“I have been teaching the “Design and Technologies” and “Digital Technologies” elements of the Australian Curriculum, and really enjoying it. There are common elements with the information technologies we are familiar with as teacher librarians.” AU 2019

“I am very happy with my collaborative teaching role.” AU 2015

“I enjoy my position and the opportunity to plan for and teach information skills to the whole school.” AU 2015

“This is an exciting and challenging time in school libraries as we move forward to not only providing access to resources but also guiding students in the inquiry process, research skills, and information literacy skills.” 

NZ 2015

I love my team

“I’m blessed with a highly capable, experienced and enthusiastic team, which makes my job much easier.” AU 2018

“We are blessed with a great library team and a very welcoming and vibrant library.” AU 2020

“I think our library is pretty good; my manager is fantastic!” AU 2020

“I would like to increase my wonderful library assistants hours.” AU 2020

“Am very happy to be working in a library and have a library manager who is passionate about libraries, and is a great mentor.” AU 2019

“I am fortunate to have the support of some excellent adult volunteers who process books and shelve them, it gives me more time for other library tasks.” NZ 2020

“We have a wonderful new library and a great team!” NZ 2020

I love making a difference

“I love everything we do and know we make a huge difference to the majority of students.” AU 2014

“I love being a teacher librarian and having the opportunity to make such a difference in the lives of all students.” AU 2015

“The teacher librarian role is so varied. I love the scope it has to bring about school-wide changes.” AU 2020

“Libraries have an important role for the well-being of society.” NZ 2019

“Our library is warm and welcoming and a hub for those wanting to escape the noise and rush of the playground at lunchtime. I am proud of the space and the way it is used.” NZ 2018

“A thoroughly busy but exciting task is the library and a place where I get to work with all the staff, students, and many parents.” AU 2015

“Being a T/L is both a delightful and frustrating labour of love. It is vital to note that the role is about people first and processes and rules second. We are a service industry and have a huge impact on the students we teach.” AU 2017

To download the full feature document, visit our resources page.

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