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Oliver v5 support and resources


Oliver v5 Community Portal - Support and Resources

The Oliver v5 Community Portal has been developed with two main goals in mind; to foster a sense of community and collaboration, and to provide support and resources.

Previously, we looked at the community and collaboration aspect of the portal. In this blog post we explore the ways you can utilise the portal for support, resources, training documentation and more.

New to Oliver v5?

We’ve created the Getting Started with Oliver v5 guide, a collection of resources designed as a 4-step training course, containing training manuals, webinars and videos. You can choose to access this content at a pace and time that suits you and your individual needs. You can also visit the training videos and webinar recordings sections to access the entire video catalogue at your leisure.

If you’re looking for something specific, you can peruse our list of topics. From book reviews to search parameters, you’re sure to find some articles of interest. You can also follow specific topics to receive updates on relevant new articles or discussions.

A year in the life of the library

This is our most extensive curated resource for staff. Broken down into sections, here are just a few examples of the resources available in a year in the life of the library:

Start / end of year process - includes resources such as borrower import guides, instructions to create a borrower CSV template and a budget rollover instructional.

Library induction / orientation - here you will find the helpful webinar Library Induction for Staff and Students.

Student engagement and reading - some curated webinar recordings in this section include Support Reading for Pleasure and Literacy and an article detailing the process of enabling book reviews.

Support Teachers & HOD’s - a fantastic webinar recording Establishing a relationship & supporting Department Heads and Teachers with Oliver V5 and some related resources are available here.

Daily library tasks - this section has an extensive range of training manuals, articles, and videos on the topics of acquisitions, circulation desk, overdues, cataloguing, customising Oliver and serials.

Search skills - contains recorded webinars on Oliver v5 search, Federated Search, Orbit’s junior search interface, research skills for higher education and other useful search skills resources.

Reporting - showcases a multitude of webinar recordings as well as useful resources detailing use of the basic customer report feature, how to run a resource usage summary report and how to run a copy report.

Stocktake – a variety of stocktake instructional resources are available here, including some handy FAQs.

Technical resources

If you’re looking for more technical information, you can access current and historical product release notes, as well as a dedicated space for technical documents for school IT staff. These documents include information around authentication, managing your borrowers, Oliver upgrades, security best practices and Softlink hosting.

It’s easy to keep up to date with our new features documents and webinars.

We’ve also included some product information for Federated Search, Hosting and LearnPath as well as links to our in-school promotional resources available for download.

Need to register?

If you are an Oliver v5 user and have yet to register for the portal, email our support team to get started.

Alice and Oliver v3 users can access their own dedicated Support Portals, where a number of helpful support and training resources are available. Contact your local support team if you would like to find out more.