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Oliver v5 community shares: why we love the search interface and free training webinars


Oliver v5 community

Customer feedback on Oliver v5’s search interface

Softlink made some exciting changes to Oliver v5 in 2017 with a new recommendations-based search interface, drag and drop functionality and a complete makeover of the news page. We’re thrilled with the positive response from the Oliver v5 community and the impact it has made on student engagement!

Here’s a sample of the feedback we received from Oliver v5 users around the world after launching the new search interface.

“Our kids have been loving the new search screens, especially the ‘recommended for you’ page.” Fiona Smith-Pilling, Library Manager, Orewa College, New Zealand

“The new OPAC looks amazing.” Noel Rasmussen, Librarian, Frensham Heights School, United Kingdom

“The students are very happy with the new interface, commenting that it was easier to understand, simpler for them to use and made more sense to them. A very satisfying exercise for me as a teacher-librarian to see such a positive response.” Maureen Twomey, Past Teacher-Librarian/eLearning Coordinator, Our Lady’s College Annerley, Australia

“My first impression of the new Oliver is really good. Thank you.” Bärbel McWilliams, Librarian, European School Frankfurt, Germany

“Very exciting! Looks fabulous.” Linda Van Galen, Library Assistant, Sacred Heart College New Town, Australia

Watch this short video for a behind the scenes look at Softlink’s user-centred testing process.

Customer feedback on free Softlink user webinars

Softlink Education runs regular free webinars to demonstrate convenient functions and new features in Oliver v5 and introduce users to tips and tricks for getting the most out of their library system.

Users often comment on how helpful they find these sessions. If you haven’t joined one of these webinars yet, what are you waiting for? They’re designed for maximum flexibility, so if you register but can’t attend at the designated time, we will email you links to the recorded session and notes for you to access any time.

“I find the webinars very informative: my confidence and knowledge of the system is greater as a consequence, and I am making truly informed choices in what I use or not for this particular library.” Debbie Beasley-Suffolk, Librarian, British School – Diamonthorst Junior School, The Netherlands

“Your recent webinar on the new-look Search was really useful. We look forward to promoting this to increase engagement with our students.” Susan Parr, LRC Manager, Brentside High School, United Kingdom

“I have just got my Senior Branch Library map into Oliver and working. Thanks so much for the webinar featuring this process, it is a great tool! Can’t wait to do the same for the Junior Branch. It makes searching so much more effective.” Margaret Simkin, Head of Information Services, The Hamilton and Alexandra College, Australia

“I’d just like to say that I found the webinar extremely useful and informative; well worth attending. Keep up the great work!” Julie Thompson, Librarian, Withersnea High School, United Kingdom

“Thank you for a very informative webinar. I particularly liked the recap on all the possible ways to search in Oliver.” Leanne Gardner, Library Technician, Ursula Frayne Catholic College, Australia

To find out about upcoming Oliver v5 Community Showcase webinars and other free webinars, visit the Softlink Events web page.

And of course, don’t hesitate to email us at communications@softlinkint.com if you have any questions or if you’d like to find out more about Oliver v5.