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NSW Catholic Education Diocese Wilcannia-Forbes selects Oliver v5


Oliver v5 Logo

Wilcannia-Forbes Catholic Education, the largest geographically and diverse Diocese, will implement Oliver v5 in 2014 as its digital knowledge, content and library management solution for its New South Wales schools.

Mr Hillary Noye, Softlink Asia-Pacific Customer Relationship Director said a leader in primary school education, the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes was committed to adopting digital innovations to support student and academic achievement.

Hillary said Oliver v5 was the premium knowledge and content platform for education and would enable the Diocese’s schools to engage learners in digital literacy and 21st century learning programs to support the National Curriculum.

“With deep integration capabilities, Oliver will enable students, teachers and parents 24/7 access to the Diocese’s eLearning resources at school, home and anywhere, anytime, via modern digital devices,” he said.

Matthew Smith, Wilcannia-Forbes Administrator IT said:

“We are excited about the opportunities that Oliver will provide our schools.”

“The Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes is dedicated to quality teaching and learning. We work in partnership with our parents and teachers to engage in new challenges, such as digital learning, to maintain the highest level of education delivery,” he said.

Matthew said the Diocese had required a scalable, centralised solution to network and share resources across schools, integrate with all types of content providers, and help create resource management efficiencies.

“Oliver’s dedicated primary school interface will also enable our schools to further develop student engagement programs and encourage learning and reading,” he said.

Hillary said the importance of education eResource management was supported by many recent studies, including the OCED PIAS Report 2013 and Softlink’s Australian School Library Survey, which demonstrated a positive link between access to library resources and literacy levels.

“Softlink is pleased to partner with Wilcannia-Forbes to achieve the Diocese’s eLearning and digital resource goals.”

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