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Brisbane Catholic Education Chooses OverDrive for eBook Lending


Brisbane Catholic Education on OverDrive

Brisbane Catholic Education partnered with Softlink to bring OverDrive eBooks & audiobooks to all schools within the Archdiocese.

Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) chose OverDrive to facilitate eBook and audiobook lending for all 135 Catholic schools in South East Queensland.

OverDrive is the world’s most popular platform for digital content lending. It is distributed in Australia by Softlink, developer of the Oliver Knowledge, Content & Library Management System.

Mr. Warren Armitage, Chief Information Officer of BCE, describes how OverDrive will support digital initiatives within the diocese.

“The use of digital resources is expanding rapidly with our introduction of a Learning Management System. We feel Oliver and OverDrive will enhance our ability to manage the availability of some of these resources,” he said.

“We see OverDrive fitting in well with our one-to-one laptop program in secondary schools and reducing the need for younger students to carry books around with them. The Oliver/OverDrive integration also suits the needs of our ‘digital natives’ in terms of accessing resources at a time and place that suits them.”

According to Mr. Armitage, OverDrive was selected for the range of features it provides and for the integration with the Oliver solution, which was installed in all BCE schools in 2010.

“BCE selected OverDrive because of the integration it offers with our library application, Oliver. We were also attracted to the large selection of digital titles available and the ability to offer both a centralised and distributed resource collection as appropriate.”

“We are pleased to work again with Softlink after a successful Oliver deployment to all of our schools. Softlink have been very responsive in ensuring that the OverDrive solution met our requirements.”

Softlink Education General Manager, Mr Hillary Noye said Softlink was proud to support BCE in this project.

“Softlink is delighted to partner with BCE again and we look forward to assisting BCE with their digital resource management goals through Oliver and OverDrive,” he said.

Brisbane Catholic Education deployed OverDrive for all BCE schools in 2012.

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