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2021 School Library Survey Report UK


2021 UK SLS Report

School libraries are a vital component of provision in literacy. Understanding how they are being affected by internal and external factors is hugely helpful in ensuring they are properly supported and functioning. This can lead to better opportunities for pupils to develop their literacy and information skills and for school libraries to receive the support and recognition they deserve.

Softlink, together with the School Library Association (SLA), undertook a survey in October 2021. It was widely shared and we had over 600 schools respond. 

Since then, the survey has been used to highlight the issues and opportunities school libraries are experiencing. The annual surveys continue to build an accurate reference point for understanding changes, impacts, and trends over time.

Objective of the survey

The School Library Survey conducted by Softlink and the School Library Association (SLA), examines key trends and issues impacting school libraries. The report, which provides survey findings with a breakdown for primary and secondary schools, is now available on our resources page.

Points for analysis include the impact of COVID on school libraries, how long eBooks have been used, the level of support libraries receive from the management team, budget, training, and other key factors that are important to school libraries. The results help to advocate the role of school libraries and library professionals to education decision makers, as well as through industry associations and networks.

Your thoughts

The purpose of this survey is to help schools, suppliers, and supporting organisations understand issues and trends within schools and their libraries.

To ensure that the survey remains relevant both Softlink and the SLA would welcome your feedback. Please email marketing@softlinkeurope.com with ideas on new topics, pose new and different questions or anything that you feel would improve the survey moving forward.