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Connecting your library to the school, its students and the community

For more than 35 years, Softlink has worked with Teacher Librarians to design the best in library software. Today, Oliver is the most flexible, efficient and easy-to-use school library management system, encouraging kids of all age to explore your library.

Oliver makes it easy to integrate the library with lesson content and school systems that nurture growth and learning. This ensures your library reaches literacy, school performance objectives and connects the entire school community. 

In my opinion Oliver v5 is a fantastic and user friendly library system. I have used various Automated Library Systems and Oliver is the best. I have schools ring me to ask my opinion of Oliver and some Library Officers visit to have a look at Oliver in operation. 

Your support team is the best that I have encountered and is one of the reasons that I recommend Oliver to all your prospective customers that contact me. (Well done Softlink).

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