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Newcastle High School for Girls Case Study

I would recommend Softlink Support and Hosting services to everyone; the whole system is so efficient without having to give extra work to our busy school IT team.

Carol Elliott, Past Librarian
At a Glance
Chosen Solution
Supported Users
  • Approx. 700 students across three libraries
Collection Size
  • Approx. 11,000 items in the Senior School Libraries and over 4,600 items in Junior School; various online subscriptions
Library Staff
  • 1 librarian

About Newcastle High School for Girls

NHSG students

Newcastle High School for Girls (NHSG), located in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, is one of 25 school members of the Girls’ Day School Trust, the UK’s leading network of independent girls’ schools.

The network’s shared vision is to provide the best possible education for girls in a creative and intellectually challenging environment where they are equipped with the ability to lead and make a difference in the world.

NHSG is the result of a merge in 2014 of two late-Victorian Girls’ Schools, one of which was renovated to form part of the new school alongside a purpose-built new building, creating a unique school site. The Junior School is a short walk away in another historic building, with new additions and grounds landscaped for outdoor activities and play.

From Nursery to Sixth Form, the school’s 770 students benefit from its forward-thinking values and modern teaching and learning environment focused on purposeful innovation.

The focus on curriculum and facilities fit for the 21st century ensures the girls receive an all-round education with a broad range of opportunities to develop their intellectual curiosity and become skilled, independent learners.

NHSG Libraries

NHSG Past Librarian Carol Elliott said the school’s three libraries – its main Learning Resources Centre, Sixth Form Library and Junior School Library – support the school in its mission by providing information and advice as well as resources for all subjects at all levels.

“We are very responsive to requests for resources from staff and pupils, and aim to provide information and advice as well as resources for all subjects at all levels,” she said.

“Staff and girls know they can ask for any help or resources they need and they will be provided – budget permitting!”

The school has implemented Oliver v5 library system across its three libraries. The system ensures online access to the catalogue as well as other features, such as reading lists and subject guides, which support anywhere, any time learning.

“Subject and genre reading lists and displays provide guidance and inspiration in the libraries and are available online.”

Library lessons form part of the girls’ structured learning, providing them with a solid foundation for independent research and reading for pleasure.

“Girls are shown how to use the Junior School Library. They are given introductory lessons to the LRC in Year 7 and to our online resources and Sixth Form support in Year 12.”

The libraries are thoughtfully designed, with comfortable seating (including beanbags) as well as practical tables and a relaxed atmosphere, which makes them welcoming, attractive and calm places to read and study.

“Our libraries are peaceful, happy places.”

NHSG - library

Carol said she enjoyed promoting reading for pleasure with booklists and displays, and organising groups of girls to take part in the local book awards for schools, the North East Book Awards.

As the only librarian, Carol provides training for teachers and support staff to use facets of the Oliver v5 system.

“I find it easy to show them how to use the issue system and to add textbooks to the catalogue.”

Moving to Oliver v5

Carol said she was very happy with the school’s decision to move to Oliver v5, as she’d previously used Softlink’s legacy library system, Alice, and found it very dependable. She was excited about the extra features and engagement opportunities the new web-based system would provide.

“Oliver v5 is reliable, with excellent backup, and is easy to use once set up.”

“I really like the new interface, especially when you open Browse Lists or Reading Lists from the catalogue home page and it all looks so attractive and helpful.”

Having reliable library management software and access to quality support is very important to Carol in her role, and Softlink and Oliver v5 more than meet those needs.

“I have always felt supported by Softlink, and find Oliver v5 a good, reliable system.”

Having their Oliver v5 software hosted by Softlink provides NHSG with a secure, reliable, high performance system and saves school IT time and resources.

“I would recommend Softlink Support and Hosting services to everyone; the whole system is so efficient without having to give extra work to our busy school IT team.”

Carol also expressed her confidence in the ongoing developments and updates to Oliver v5, which continue to facilitate work processes in the library.

“I think Softlink listens to concerns and offers sensible improvements that work.”

Oliver v5 at all GDST schools

Softlink completed the roll out of Oliver v5 to all 25 Girls’ Day School Trust schools in early 2019. To find out more about Softlink’s extensive experience implementing multi school projects and providing software and services through central education offices - including case studies and examples - visit the Departments and Education Offices section of this web site.

Further Reading