Improving department-wide literacy and academic achievement

School libraries play a pivotal role in advancing student literacy levels and academic achievement. Ensure all students in your education system have equitable access to the resources they need to reach their academic potential by equipping your school libraries with Oliver v5.

The Oliver v5 library management solution will provide all your school libraries, regardless of location, size or budget, with a solid platform to engage students, improve literacy and deliver world-class educational outcomes.

How does Oliver v5 help departments and education offices to improve learning outcomes?

  • The completely web-based public Search interface supports students in their research when they need it, wherever they are, from the device they are comfortable with.
  • Powerful, yet easy-to-use, reporting tools can assist school librarians to analyse reading levels and identify where additional assistance is needed (by class, year groups or individual students).
  • Age appropriate public Search interfaces and search tools make it easy for students of all academic levels to engage with the library.
  • Student engagement is enhanced through seamless integration with other school systems such as Virtual Learning Environments, eBooks, Accelerated Reader book quizzes and subscription database or resource providers.