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School library professionals are change leaders for the digital age


Access 2017

The latest edition of ACCESS, the Australian School Library Association’s professional journal for educators and researchers, features an article by Softlink’s Director of Marketing, Nikki Curtis. In her article, Nikki combines theoretical perspectives on adaptive and agile leadership with findings from Softlink’s recent Australian, New Zealand and UK School Library Surveys to present a view of school library professionals as change managers and adaptive leaders.

Download and read the article, “The role of leadership in the ongoing importance of school libraries”, featured in ACCESS, Volume 31, Issue 3, September 2017.

Subscribe to ACCESS journal here if you would like to read the full publication.

Softlink has also published a whitepaper titled The Ongoing Importance of School Libraries. The paper draws on findings from several research sources, as well as a selection of responses to the School Library Surveys we conducted in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom in 2015 and 2016, to demonstrate the continuing value of well-staffed and well-resourced school libraries.

Visit the resources section of the Softlink website to download the results of these surveys and other relevant articles, case studies and webinar recordings.