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LearnPath Community Content Hub demonstration

Watch this short video demonstration of the LearnPath Community Content Hub, which is included with LearnPath, and contains a growing collection of curriculum-aligned content guides curated by experienced school librarians.

This video includes:

  • An overview of the LCCH
  • Example pages: Year 10 English (0.37)
  • Example pages: Year 4 Humanities 7 Social Sciences (2.29)

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Read the transcript

LearnPath comes with over 200 free guides which can be edited or used as they are and have been developed for Softlink, by a qualified Teacher Librarian, in line with the Australian curriculum.

There are also a number of health and wellbeing guides as well as study guides.

These free guides for LearnPath users are available from the LearnPath community content hub, also known as the LCCH.

The Hub also provides a good structural example for schools setting up their own LearnPath system.

The example pages I will show you now are for year 10 English.

As you can see, the Australian curriculum standards are included as is a slider of relevant classics that you may have in your library collection.

There are two specific year 10 English guides in the LCCH collection which can be accessed from under Year 10 English or from the drop-down navigation under English.

We’ll look at the To Kill a Mockingbird guide first. The guide includes a list of relevant online resources, a video trailer for the movie, a biography link for Harper Lee, and some study guides.

All of these resources have been chosen to help year 10 students with their relevant To Kill a Mockingbird studies and assignments. Of course, if you choose to include this guide in your own LearnPath system, you can make whatever changes to the content you like.

As you can see, the other year 10 English guide, Romeo and Juliet, is visible in the navigation. So I can click on that and go to the guide.

Alternatively, I could go back to English or Year 10, or even News to see the full navigation and drop-down options.

The Romeo and Juliet guide includes a couple of sliders of relevant book copies, a range of study guides and online resources, as well as some relevant videos, a character map, and fun activities.

Again, information is curated to assist the student with their learning and relevant assessment. I’ll go back to the News page now and look at Year 4 Humanities and Social Sciences. I will open all three of the topic areas within this Humanities and Social Science structure to give you an idea of the guides available.

If we go to Rules and Laws under Civics and Citizenship, you can see that the content in the guide has been specifically chosen and curated for the age group.

Similarly, if we choose Africa and South America under Geography, you can see that a number of age appropriate videos and online resources on the topic are available.

Finally, we’ll look at the Year 4 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples guide under History.

Having the LCCH content is a great starting point for library users as well as the perfect way to showcase to management and teachers what is possible with LearnPath.