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LearnPath Case Study - Brighton Grammar School Case Study

​“The integration between Oliver v5 and LearnPath makes it easier for us to promote the online resources available through Oliver v5 (databases etc.) as well as external resources. It keeps everything in one system, which is easier to manage and use.”

Penny Roberts, Immediate Past Head of Library, Brighton Grammar School

About Brighton Grammar School

Library isle with books on shelves

Based in Melbourne, Brighton Grammar School (BGS) is an independent Anglican school for boys, which caters for students from the early years through to secondary. BGS prides itself on delivering an educational experience that engages, excites and challenges each student.

The School focuses on providing tailored teaching methods and programs that meet its students’ unique learning styles and interests. The four essentials – Learning, Playing, Creating, Being – underpin all of the School’s programs and support each boy to grow into the very best version of himself.

BGS has three different libraries servicing the Junior, Middle and Senior Years, with a wide range of physical and digital resources that support the curriculum and foster reading for pleasure. The Libraries provide 24/7 access to databases and OverDrive eBooks through their Oliver v5 school library management system.

Choosing LearnPath

New book display - Brighton Grammar

When Softlink announced the release of its information curating tool, LearnPath, Brighton Grammar School library staff immediately recognised its potential.

Brighton Grammar School Head of Library Immediate Past, Penny Roberts, said their decision to complement the library system with LearnPath was based on its flexibility, ease of use, and ability to guide teachers and students to make the best use of learning materials.

“We wanted to improve student access to the full range of our resources and provide topic pages to support teachers and students in class. The idea is to support teachers who want to help students develop good research skills by directing them to a range of appropriate resources.”

Penny said the ease of integration with the School’s existing Oliver v5 system, as well as LearnPath’s intuitive interface, made it an excellent choice for them.

“The integration between Oliver v5 and LearnPath makes it easier for us to promote the online resources available through Oliver v5 (databases etc.) as well as external resources. It keeps everything in one system, which is easier to manage and use.”

Benefits of LearnPath

Brighton Grammar - study area

For BGS, LearnPath provides opportunities to help students develop information literacy skills, as well as introducing them to the standard of resources required for independent research at the higher education level.

“We want to help teachers provide an accessible range of appropriate resources for students to use for individual topics, rather than just Googling, and to give them an online research experience similar to tertiary libraries.”

In addition, Penny sees LearnPath as a means of increasing students’ general knowledge and other aspects of a well-rounded education, beyond the scope of a purely academic approach.

“LearnPath pages could be set up to highlight popular culture, current news, copyright issues, reading pages and more.”

Penny said LearnPath’s intuitiveness and ease of use have boosted the ability of library staff to provide efficient, timely and targeted support for teachers, and have opened up new avenues for collaboration.

“We can respond quickly to requests for topic pages and use a full range of resources. We have already had discussions with teachers about the ways that we can help them provide access to a wide range of resources through a LearnPath guide, and we will continue to consult with teachers about resource use as we design more pages.”

Implementation and Support

Penny described the process of setting up and learning to use LearnPath as straightforward and expressed their happiness with the support provided by Softlink.

“The implementation was smooth and we were able to work with LearnPath quickly. Even our least technically confident staff member has started to build LearnPath pages and is gaining confidence quickly.”

“The support for this resource has been fantastic and the ease with which we have been able to develop good-looking pages has been part of the fun of LearnPath,” Penny added.

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