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Providing a consistent library experience

Disparate library systems and processes can make it difficult for Departments and Education Offices to deliver a consistent high standard of education to all students.

Streamline your management and support processes and bring cohesion to your school library network with Oliver v5.

As a web-based solution, Oliver v5 software updates are applied at the server level, making it simple to maintain consistency across your entire school library network.

How can Oliver v5 provide a consistent library experience and what are the benefits?

  • The familiar layout and features of Oliver v5 assist in a seamless transition for staff and other library user when moving between schools.
  • With Oliver v5 as a common factor, school librarians can communicate and collaborate on best practices for library management and student engagement.
  • School libraries in the same area can participate in joint training and professional development, reducing the constraints of location or budget.
  • Education departments can centralise the control of certain Oliver v5 parameters, configurations and data for consistency throughout the school library network.
  • With only one system to support, IT department staff can deliver a consistent level of service to all school libraries.