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Waddesdon Church of England School  Case Study

Because Oliver v5 is easy to learn, the student librarians can use the circulation desk and the search page.

Amy Hayes, Librarian

About Waddesdon Church of England School

Located in the Aylesbury Vale district in Buckinghamshire, England, the Waddesdon Church of England School is a co-educational 11-18 secondary school with just under 1,000 students on roll, and around 260 students in the Sixth Form.

The school offers a flexible curriculum which enables students to excel and takes into account all abilities and potential. All students begin their GCSE courses in Year 9.

Waddesdon’s school library

Waddesdon CoE school library

Waddesdon’s school library is the hub of the school, providing students with learning and recreational opportunities. Librarian Amy Hayes said she is very proud that the library offers a safe place that can be used by students of all ages at the same time.

“I regularly see students from year 7 to year 13 playing a game together or recommending each other books. Students love being able to socialise with friends but also sit quietly with a book. Waddesdon is a community school and the library is the heart of it."

Students in Years 7-9 attend library lessons once every 2 weeks where they have the opportunity to read. Amy runs a skills sessions or game every half term to maintain student engagement with the library, as well as offering resources that can be used in the classroom.

“The library is a bright and spacious alternative classroom and teachers bring their classes in for research sessions or a change of scenery. I also provide topic boxes to take to classrooms, one of the most popular ones is a “space” box for science."

Waddesdon CoE students in the library

Amy said she is involved in a number of activities outside the library which provide her with additional opportunities to interact and build strong relationships with students.

“My role is quite flexible and I’m involved in a lot of activities around the school, such as clubs and competitions. As I’m not a “teacher”, I see a different side to the students than others around the school might."

The library’s catalogue includes around 7,000 print books and features a large selection of graphic novels and Barrington Stoke published books. The library also offers a number of science periodicals as well as National Geographic, Duke of Edinburgh and other magazines. Students can borrow Kindles from the Waddesdon school library and they are encouraged to become members of the Bucks County libraries where they can access various eBooks and digital databases.

Amy said that the library also has an adult library for staff to use.

“The staff love the range of stock we have, that they can use. There is a great range of DVDs they can borrow too."

Benefits of Oliver v5

Waddesdon CoE school library

Oliver v5 is the school’s library management system, and Amy said that the system’s intuitive navigation is fundamental to a volunteer program where students are actively involved in the running of the library.

“I have a team of 10 student librarians who are in charge of the desk during break times and lunches. Because Oliver v5 is easy to learn, the student librarians can use the circulation desk and the search page."

Amy said that she also uses Oliver v5’s Z-Cataloguing functionality.

“Z-Cataloguing makes it quick and easy to catalogue the school’s library books. I also find the Oliver v5 cataloguing page easy to use."

Support for the software is also important to the Waddesdon Church of England School.

“When I need help with Oliver v5, I am very impressed by the support I receive from Softlink," said Amy.

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