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Celebrating Australian School Library Day 2023


Australian School Library Day 2023

In the bustling world of education, there exists a sanctuary of knowledge, imagination, and discovery – the school library. And on this special occasion of Australian School Library Day, we come together to celebrate the heart of learning, the haven of stories, and the realm of limitless possibilities that school libraries offer. This day is a testament to the dedicated librarians who tirelessly cultivate the love of reading and learning among students. Let's dive into the magic that these school libraries bring, as revealed through the 2022 School Library Survey open-ended responses of the incredible librarians who make it all happen.

Fostering Lifelong Curiosity

“You get to encourage every child in the school to develop a love or curiosity of books and information.”

“fostering a love of books. Seeing children's eyes light up when reading.”

“delivering programs in information literacy, visual literacy, guided research, literature and fostering a love of reading within the students”

Creating a Nurturing Environment

 “I love the student/teacher relationships I get to build with all the students. I love providing a safe and welcoming environment for all kids. I love the book related events.”

“Feeding the children an appetite for reading and creating a beautiful environment that the students enjoy being in.”

“The ability to inspire students to read, providing them with book they want to read, working with the whole school on providing a safe, engaging and fun environment for everyone.”

Inspiring Critical Thinkers

“To work closer with teachers to embed information literacy skills in their curriculum.  Therefore assisting with the General Capabilities of Critical and Creative Thinking”

“Engaging with staff and students in their pursuit of literacy and critical thinking skills.”

“Helping students feed their love of reading Knowing I am teaching students sound and ethical research skills  Helping students to become critical thinkers”

Navigating the Digital Seas

“I love the autonomy and ability to develop programs and teach skills I value (reading, information literacy and digital literacy). I also enjoy managing the library spaces and collection, creating displays and promoting reading. I enjoy the balance between teaching and library.”

“get to teach and work with the best bits of education: reading for fun, technology and information fluency, digital citizenship.”

“I love my job of teaching students Prep to Year 12 about digital literacy.”

Celebrating Creativity 

“Our school library runs a number of lunchtime clubs covering a range of interests including Coding, Warhammer, Manga and Anime, Creative Writing, Craft, Dungeons and Dragons, Chess, Board Games, LGBTIQA, Christian Students and Book Club.  It would be great to hear what clubs other school libraries run and how they are organised and supported.”

“Regularly share new books, encourage students to share what they are reading, encourage thinking about texts in a different way, actively encourage not persisting with books you don't enjoy and connecting with texts in different, creative ways”

“Getting to know all the children in the school, doing things I love, reading and putting the right book in the hands of a future reader and indulging in my creative side by making the displays.”

Australian School Library Day 

Australian School Library Day is not just a celebration of spaces filled with books; it's a tribute to the educators who make those spaces come alive. These open-ended insights from librarians across the country showcase the profound impact that school libraries have on students' lives. They nurture curiosity, foster critical thinking, and promote a love for lifelong learning. As we celebrate this day, let's honour these unsung heroes who nurture the flames of knowledge, imagination, and growth within our future generations. Here's to the magical world of school libraries!