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CBC Fremantle College Case Study

Teachers have welcomed students being able to find information that helps them with big investigations, presented in bite size chunks.

Trevanna Cooper, Teacher Librarian

About CBC Fremantle

CBC Fremantle is a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition, which specialises in boys’ education and is committed to providing a holistic program that supports the needs of each student.

The school has operated on the same site in the Perth suburb of Fremantle since its establishment in 1882, and is renowned for the quality of its students, academic endeavour, sporting achievements and contributions to the community.

Students at CBC learn in an inclusive and supportive environment with quality educators who understand how boys learn, providing educational experiences that challenge and extend them to achieve personal excellence.

A school library for the 21st century

LearnPath - CBC Fremantle library

The CBC Library, known within the college as the “Idea Shop”, serves all 840 students from years 7 to 12.

It is a vibrant, colourful and functional space equipped with a green screen, café and two televisions that display book trailers and photos from activities.

There is also a story wall and calibrated wall, robots and a sublimation centre, as well as the books, journals and DVDs traditionally found in a school library.

The Idea Shop offers workshops and Inventorspace activities and looks after the school’s collection of memorabilia from its 136-year history.

Why LearnPath?

LearnPath page - CBC Fremantle

With such a diverse curriculum and extensive range of learning activities available to the boys, the college identified students’ need for a tool that would help them become more efficient researchers.

CBC College Teacher Librarian Trevanna Cooper explained that while students were confident using the internet, they frequently became overwhelmed when searching on their own, as they needed to sort through a lot of information to find resources that were suitable for their age group and easy to understand. Trevanna said LearnPath provided a solution to this challenge, as it helped educators guide students step by step through complex learning tasks.
Trevanna added that, in addition to making information more easily discoverable, the format of LearnPath has improved the way students engage with resources.

“It seemed sensible to move in the direction of something that would save time for both the teacher and student and would make their understanding of a topic more successful.”

“Teachers have welcomed students being able to find information that helps them with big investigations but is presented in bite size chunks.”

“It allows me to package information in an attractive, visual way that appeals to boys.”

Boosting educational outcomes for all students

Trevanna said that LearnPath had proved an even more valuable tool than anticipated for all students at CBC, not just those who were identified as needing extra academic support.

“I became interested in LearnPath initially from an Academic Care perspective – to make information easier to access for those students who were struggling – but it quickly became apparent that it was a very useful tool for all students working on assignments, as it stopped them feeling overwhelmed.”

Unexpected additional benefits

Student and teacher in library

In addition to its educational value, Trevanna is pleased with the way LearnPath has helped to raise the profile of library staff within the school.

“Once teachers have used it, they become very appreciative of the work we have done,” she said.

According to Trevanna, another benefit of LearnPath is that it provides a complement to the library’s existing Oliver v5 system and helps generate greater awareness of the library’s services.

“LearnPath brings people to Oliver v5, in particular to the News page where we can advertise other things.”

Personal support from Softlink

Trevanna said the personalised support she received from Softlink meant the implementation of LearnPath went smoothly.

“The team was very supportive and prompt to get back to me. The whole process was much simpler than I anticipated.”

Both Trevanna and her students have quickly become confident using LearnPath, and enthusiasm is growing in the entire school regarding the potential of this new tool.

“LearnPath has become quite important. I’m on track to reach my goal of covering Year 7 Science, English and HAAS programs for terms 3 and 4 by the end of the year, and I’ve now been asked by some Year 8, 9 and 10 teachers to cover their programs too.”

Would you like to learn more about LearnPath and how it can help your school library? Contact sales@softlinkint.com and one of our Educational Consultants will be in touch.

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