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Equitably delivering a broad range of resources without compromising budgets

Differing school sizes and geographies can make providing equitable access to resources a challenge for Education Departments and Offices.

Providing a centralised Oliver v5 solution can help you deliver relevant and dynamic resources, which engage students and facilitate academic achievement, to all of the school’s in your department or education office.

How can Oliver v5 help your department to offer a broader range of resources?

  • Oliver v5 can be used to catalogue a wide range of free and subscription-based digital/online resources such as curated Pinterest boards or YouTube videos.
  • With clear visibility through the public Search interface and efficient interlibrary loan administration tools, Oliver v5 facilitates the sharing of resources between school libraries.
  • With Oliver v5 education departments can centralise the purchase and distribution of eBooks and audiobooks, creating an equitable and cost effective eBooks program for all school libraries.
  • Oliver v5 can be used to catalogue resources such as iPads, Makerspace resources and meeting spaces, which can allow school libraries to offer existing, previously uncatalogued material to the school community.