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Landsdale Primary School  Case Study

Oliver v5 was integrated seamlessly into the new operating environment and there were no problems at all.

Leanne White, Deputy Principal
At a Glance
Chosen Solutions
Core Benefits To Users
  • Ease of use
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Improved access to resources for students and staff
  • Easy access to OverDrive eBooks
Supported Users
  • 875 students
  • 85 staff
  • 130 enrolled parent borrowers
Library Staff
  • 3

About Landsdale Primary School

Landsdale Primary School is a large Independent Public School in the northern suburbs of Perth with strong community links and innovative learning programs that engage and challenge students.

They have a current enrolment of 875 students from Kindy to Year 6 and aim to create and maintain a school environment dedicated to preparing students to be productive, socially responsive and responsible citizens of the future.

The Library at Landsdale serves the entire school community of 875 students, 85 staff and 130 enrolled parent borrowers and is staffed by Leanne White, Deputy Principal, and two Library Officers, Sharon Murray and Denise Connolly. Many teacher assistants, parent volunteers and students also assist in the Library to ensure its smooth operation.

Choosing Oliver v5

The Landsdale Primary School library has recently undergone a major upgrade including a complete refurbishment, an upgrade of their library management system to Oliver v5 and the introduction of OverDrive eBooks.

Deputy Principal, Leanne White said that when choosing a library management system, it was important that the system could handle a large number of users and that their online resources could be accessed from outside the school.

“We have many online resources for students that are now available anywhere, anytime – previously resources could only be accessed at school."

Oliver v5 has also improved administration processes such as cataloguing and circulation

“Processing resource boxes is a great feature as is the ability to email staff overdue notices rather than printing them out."

Leanne said that they are very happy with the search facilities and that Oliver v5’s ease of use has reduced student reliance on library staff for assistance.

“Oliver v5 is more streamlined and easy to use, the staff and students are more able to use the system independently which decreases their reliance on library staff. This improves students’ independent research skills and saves time for staff as they can manage resources at their point of need."

Orbit, the junior interface has been popular with the students and helped to improve student engagement with the library.

“The students love using Orbit! It is easy, age-appropriate, has bright graphics and clear icons and can be used on Macbooks and iPads well. Very young students are loving using their iPads to search for their books using Orbit."

Leanne has also found that students are reading more since implementing OverDrive.

“We launched our OverDrive eBooks officially at our Parent Open Night this year and we have had lots of positive feedback. It is early days but it is already going really well. We have had a big uptake of student borrowing and already have a strain on the resources purchased and need more, which will be on the budget for next year."

Changing to Oliver v5

Leanne said that the transition to Oliver v5 was smooth, something that made them very happy since it coincided with their extensive library refurbishment project.

The Department of Education, WA, recently upgraded their whole infrastructure with significant changes to how school servers operate. Oliver v5 integrated smoothly and seamlessly into this new environment.

“Oliver v5 was integrated seamlessly into the new operating environment and there were no problems at all."

The growing Oliver v5 Support Network in WA has been very beneficial to Leanne and she has been very happy with the responsiveness of the Softlink helpdesk.

Leanne said that they would absolutely recommend Oliver v5 and Softlink to other users.

“The conversion from Oliver v3 was smooth, the functions are more sophisticated, the web based functionality is reliable, the look is really appealing, and Oliver v5 is App and eBook friendly."

And the best result of all, improved student engagement with the library and reading.

“Overall the system is more streamlined and effective and the web interface is engaging. With the refurbishment of the library, the upgrade to Oliver v5 and the addition of the eBooks our students are re-engaging with books and reading more."

Landsdale staff

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